PUAssholes #3: Real Social Dynamics

In my latest edition of Pick Up Assholes, I take aim at a substantially larger target, that of “Tyler Durden” and Julien Blanc’s Real Social Dynamics, the biggest and arguably the last of the traditional Pick-Up franchises that is still relevant today.

As you might expect from the phrase “Traditional pick-up”, Real Social Dynamics is full of the same sort of “attack pattern alpha” nonsense that really should have died off somewhere in the middle of the first Obama administration.

But then again, you probably didn’t need me to tell you that these guys were clowns. You could watch that video of Julien Blanc gallivanting through the streets grabbing the crotches of Japanese women and screaming “Pikachu” and the names of various other pocket monsters at them…or rather, you could if that video hadn’t been taken down.

(You remember that video, don’t you? It was the subject of a Two Minutes Hate a few years back. As usual, Return of Kings had the most lucid take on the subject)

A cursory glance at their other productions, hours of which are available on RSD’s various Youtube channels, will confirm that their skills in attracting women, or appearing to be strong and confident men, are severely wanting.

You can learn about this merry band of losers in my newest video below

Marvel at Tyler Durden’s wimpy, twitchy, effeminate body language, his high pitched, barely pubescent voice, and the sheer amount of overcompensation that is clearly going into each speech and video that he makes. Then, take a glance at Julien Blanc’s “2002 Pac-Sun” couture that undoubtedly gets all the girls!

It’s in the Youtube video above, and the Vid.Me video linked here!

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