PUAssholes #2: Allen Thompson and So Suave

So Suave is one of the oldest pick-up sites out there (dating back to 1998), and as such it has much of the baggage of the old-style pick-up artistry (the roots of which go back to the 70s). Indeed, in the video itself I refer to it as a sort of middle ground between the old-fashioned pick up artistry and the stuff that actually works. I also admit that with a few modifications, the e-book could actually be pretty solid.

Truth be told, it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever seen, but it’s still crap compared to what you’d find on Return of Kings or *ahem* The Barbaric Gentleman. And some of his affiliates that he links to (notably Nick Richards the Make Out Master!!1) are even worse, which you’ll see in the video.

In Allen’s free e-book, you’ll learn about how the best way to attract a woman is to show that you are excited around her, how you should smile as much as possible, and other tactics that are clearly successful, because he owns a poodle and stuff (perhaps the poodle taught him these tactics). You can also get a free sample of the 30 dollar “Make Out Mastery” course, in which you’ll learn how to caress and kiss a woman’s flesh and be suave, totally not coming off like a creepy degenerate in the process.

It’s all in one simple trick that you might say is…”so suave”?

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