Prime Minister of Australia How not to run a country


It would be reasonable to assume that the highest elected office in a country should be a position that is respected by both those who serve in parliament and by the people of that country. This, however, has not been the case in Australia for many years now.

To give you all some background into the election cycle in Australia we have to have a federal (national) election ever three years by law. An election may occur earlier under special circumstance but three years is the normal cycle.

If the case were to occur, the voting public could keep changing the government between the Liberal Party and the Labor Party every time an election took place. Thus Australia could potentially change Prime Minister every three years.

We have had 4 Federal elections since 2007,  in that time we have had 6 changes of Prime Minister. Only two of those changes were as a result of an election result where the Australian people voted in a new Prime Minister. Here is a timeline of what has taken place:

Australian Election & Prime Minster Timeline

December 3rd, 2007: Kevin Rudd (Labor Party) defeats John Howard (Liberal Party) in Federal Election

June 24th, 2010: Julia Gillard defeats Kevin Rudd in a Labor Party leadership spill. Ms. Gillard becomes Prime Minster

August 21st, 2010: Julia Gillard won the 2010 Federal Election with the help of the crossbench as the result was a hung parliament

June 27th, 2013: Kevin Rudd defeats Julia Gillard in a Labor Party leadership spill. Mr. Rudd becomes Prime Minister

September 18th, 2013: Tony Abbott (Liberal Party) defeats Kevin Rudd (Labor) in a Federal Election

September 15th, 2015: Malcolm Turnbull defeats Tony Abbott in a Liberal  Party leadership spill. Mr. Turnbull becomes Prime Minster

July 2nd, 2016Malcolm Turnbull won the 2016 Federal Election

August 24th, 2018: Scott Morrison defeats Malcolm Turnbull in a Liberal  Party leadership spill. Mr. Morrison becomes Prime Minster


With all that said it is quite clear that politicians on both sides of Australian politics have no regard at all for the office of Prime Minister.


It is fair to say the Australian people are fed up with all the infighting from both sides and simply want a government who are interested in running the country and who put the interests of the people first. Until then it might be best that we all just take a nap just like this Koala pictured above is doing.