Police Called For A Quran In A Bathroom

NBC in Dallas Fort Worth reported that campus security at the University of Texas at Dallas and Fort Worth police were called in because a Quran was in a toilet.

Dallas Fort Worth is in the bottom 90% of the country’s safest cities. It’s asinine for the police to get involved in investigations such as this, when protests in the city regularly involve a flag or an effigy burning. If burning or lynching someone’s effigy is considered a form of protest, than dumping a holy book in a toilet should be given the same thought.

Please tell me how a book in a toilet makes anyone less safe. Explain how wasting the city’s resources to investigate wrong-think makes sense in anyway. If I found out my town’s police department were investigating something as stupid as this, I’d be pissed. The bottom line is our public servants should not be in the business of protecting some pussy’s hurt feelings.

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