The Justin Martin Show

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Justin welcomes Fritz Imperial and Anarcho Reign and they discuss the riot at Milo’s event, Trump’s travel ban, the new Supreme Court nominee, and the Boy Scouts.

Justin Martin tears through the salty liberal tears of Movie Bob with sound logic and hard facts as Bob unironically tries to convince us we are back in 1930s Germany. Yikes!

In this vlog, Justin Martin discusses how feminists are having a meltdown after the Trump win.

Christmas came early this year. I discuss the FBI reopening the Hillary email investigation, Anthony Weiner’s involvement, and how it might effect the last week of the election.

I discuss the 3rd and final presidential debate, its aftermath, and the explosion of Halloween related trigger warnings at American universities.

Justin discusses the Wikileaks Podesta e-mails, the DOJ trying to corrupt the FBI investigation of Hillary, the tape of a DNC operative who trains people to start violence at Trump rallies, and a police officer who almost died due to political correctness.

Captain Carter Houndas returns as they discuss a week of terrorism, police shootings, and riots.


Justin discusses Trump’s maternity-leave plan, Edward Snowden’s plea for a pardon, and the terrorist attacks in Minnesota, New York, and New Jersey.

Justin discusses new Blue Lives Matter legislation, Obama giving away the internet, and Hillary Clinton collapsing on the campaign trail.

YouTuber The Distributist joins Justin to discuss the culture war, the future of traditional conservatism, and Donald Trump.

The Pink Pistol joins Justin to discuss doxing, being an ex-Muslim, social justice, and the presidential race.

In the second episode Army Captain Carter Houndas joins us to discuss his time in Afghanistan, Muslim immigration in Europe, and women in combat.

Justin is a political commentator living in Florida. He has a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of South Florida. He has been politically active since college, where he interned for Jeb Bush, and has been a staff member on Republican campaigns. He is a free speech fundamentalist and is dedicated to destroying Marxism in all of its forms.