People Still Let Mainstream Media Manipulate Them

Remember the immigrant caravan that was supposed to reach the US a few weeks ago? It was meant to be the story that whipped up your emotions. Well, it was stopped so a new crisis
needed to be manufactured. How about never reported bef

Every picture recently used by the media was from years ago, fake, or from a staged media event. The stories are from many years ago and blown way out of proportion. The lack of outrage then, and hysterical anger now shows an unwitting confirmatory bias and a lack of willingness to learn the truth.

Unvetted immigrants separate families like Kate Steinl’s and 4000 others every year.

Unvetted immigrants here on visas separated my family from my brother.

85% of the “children” coming into this country are being trafficked, but most of your compassion is for the parents who sent them here alone. Over 85% of people coming over are not seeking Asylum, but seeking under the table pay to bring back home which hurts our economy. I say “children” because most of them are fighting age men. Some of them don’t have documents, and we have 24 year old men in schools with 15-year-old girls. The anger and compassion are misplaced.

In this day in age, we have so many choices for the sources of the information we receive. I learned many years ago that every single mainstream news outlet is designed to cater to our biases. Nearly every single person in the western hemisphere is connected to, or knows somebody that is connected to the world-wide web. There are eyes everywhere, ready to capture anything that happens. If what is happening to people on the border was really comparable to getting thrown onto a train and shipped off the Auschwitz, it would get major news coverage 24/7.

What is being ignored is the journey here. A large percentage of the females coming here are raped. 10,000 out of the 12,000 children detained were being trafficked after being sent by a parent. The other two thousand were detained for an average of 48 hours, and either reunited with their families when they found out they were real, deported, or sent to a sponsor family.

The southern border of the United States is the rape capital and the kidnap capital of the Western Hemisphere.

I hate to say it, but a wall and very strong border security that stops people from coming here illegally would save many lives. It may be hard to swallow, but that’s the absolute truth.

Everyone scoffed at then candidate Trump for saying “somebody is doing the raping.” Not many people bothered to look into what he meant. I did. Now people are reacting emotionally to phony pictures and ignoring the real problem. Even worse, those who know the real problem are refusing to report on it. The truth will all come out in time. It always does, and when it does, will people have enough humility to admit they were wrong or duped by those they trusted?

Start finding Independent News sources that are not tied in any way, or getting funding from the mainstream sources which are controlled by the establishment that wants to keep us divided. Please.

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