Orlando Terrorist Omar Mateen Supported Hillary Clinton

A Washington Post article highlights Mohammed Malik’s attempts to report his friend, Omar Mateen, to authorities, while burying the fact that the Islamic terrorist supported Hillary Clinton for president. It’s popular practice for Democrats to gloat about the few Republicans who commit atrocities. It’s time people point out their hypocrisy.

Washington Post – Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen supported presumptive Democratic nominee for president Hillary Rodham Clinton because he opposed the presidential candidacy of presumptive GOP nominee Donald J. Trump.

Mateen’s friend Mohammed Malik revealed Mateen’s support for Hillary Clinton in a Washington Post essay this week. Malik wrote:

We talked about the presidential election and debated our views of the candidates that were running – he liked Hillary Clinton and I liked Bernie Sanders. This banter continued through texts and phone calls for several months. My last conversation with Omar was by phone in mid-May. He called me while he was at the beach with his son to tell me about a vacation he’d taken with his father to Orlando the previous weekend. He’d been impressed by the local mosque.

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