Nuttall to contest Stoke Central – reports

Paul Nuttall was all smiles as he arrived at the Emmanuel Centre

UK Independence Party leader Paul Nuttall is expected to be announced as the party’s candidate for the Stoke Central by-election.

ITV News have reported that they believe Nuttall, who was elected leader in November, was selected and an official announcement is expected to be made soon.

UKIP need to overturn a 5,000 majority held by the Labour Party in Stoke Central, dubbed ‘Brexit Central’ as approximately 65% of the city of Stoke in general voted to Leave the EU in last summer’s referendum. It’s believed that not only have UKIP prepared to launch a big campaign drive in Stoke, but will also have the help of Nigel Farage, who is due to attend the inauguration of President Elect Trump. It’s thought that Farage will aid Nuttall in the constituency in order to secure the seat, which would give the party its second MP in Westminster.