NMC Endorses JRE

The future of UKIP hangs by a thread as tomorrow the leader of UKIP will be announced. There are three candidates but only two choices. There’s the choice between those who’ve been endlessly undermining Farage and belittling his position as leader and a choice of true democracy.

John Rees-Evans represents the values that made most members of UKIP join in the first place. Free-speech, Democracy and Giving a voice to those who previously were without one. On the other hand there are two candidates with whom you couldn’t put a cigarette paper between. They both represent the establishment within UKIP, that’s been holding back the people’s army for far too long.

John is a man of courage and despite the tremendous odds stacked against him he’s kept going. Countless times the other two candidates have refused to debate him or even appear alongside him because he “rocks the boat”….what is this if not a coronation? He stands defiant, as a real leader would.

That’s why after meeting him, I feel confident to say that both myself and the staff of NMC UK would like to formally endorse John Rees-Evans for the leadership of the United Kingdom Independence Party and we hope he leads UKIP into electoral success in 2020.

Sebastian Cheek
New Media Central UK Editor15233671_1627632517254303_1943037466_o

Sebastian Cheek

About Sebastian Cheek

Sebastian is a Briton from Surrey and has always been keen on political affairs. He’s a member of the United Kingdom Independence Party in Britain and a supporter of the GOP in America. Sebastian has been very involved in the ‘Brexit’ campaign in Britain, has delivered speeches and taken part in debates in his home county and in London. Seb’s expertise lies in the field of British politics and Economics.