NFL Predictions Breakdown

Miami Dolphins Cheerleader pumping up the crowd
Miami Dolphins Cheerleader pumping up the crowd

Miami Dolphins Cheerleader pumping up the crowd

Alright everyone, the 2016 NFL season is right around the corner! The long offseason wait is just about over. So I’m going to make some predictions for the 2016 NFL season and give a reason for everything I predict. This article will feature who will win each division and why, and the playoff seeds and playoff predictions. I will be going in order of seeds.

The 1 seed- The Green Bay Packers will win the NFC North and claim the first seed in the NFC with a 13-3 record. Here’s why: Jordy Nelson will be returning, Eddie Lacy has slimmed down and is back in shape, they signed TE Jared Cook as well.

Jordy Nelson  vs Vikings 2011

Jordy Nelson vs Vikings 2011

The 2 seed- The Arizona Cardinals will claim the NFC West and the second seed with a 13-3 record. Here’s why: They upgraded the offensive line with the signing of Evan Mathis, kept the offensive in tact, They traded for Defensive End Chandler Jones from New England as well. Tyrann Mathieu is also returning and he should be back to form.

The 3 seed- The Carolina Panthers will claim the NFC south and the 3rd seed with a 11-5 record. Here’s why: They will regress a bit this year because they lost some pieces to their secondary and it’s gonna hurt them, but they still have the reigning MVP Cam Newton, Kelvin Benjamin is coming back, so the Panthers should still be a very good team in 2016 but not as good as last year.

The 4 seed- The Dallas Cowboys will claim the the NFC East and the 4th seed with a 10-6 record. Here’s why: Tony Romo and Dez Bryant should be healthy this year and and they are the two biggest pieces to the offense. They drafted RB Ezekiel Elliott who should adjust just fine to the NFL. The biggest question mark on Dallas is the defense, the front 7 is very thin and is mostly suspended for some games. The defense will be the reason they don’t go deep into the playoffs.

The 5 seed- The Seattle Seahawks will claim the first wildcard with a 12-4 record.
Here’s why: Jimmy Graham is coming back healthy and they should figure out how to use him in their system this year. Russell Wilson proved that he can carry a team without a great RB and he will have another great season. The defense is still strong, and Thomas Rawls is coming back healthy again.

The 6 seed- The Minnesota Vikings will claim the second wildcard and the last spot in the NFC playoffs in 2016 with an 11-5 record. Here’s why: The Vikings had a very good year last year and won the NFC North, Teddy Bridgewater is a decent QB, the defense is very good and they keep getting better. I do not think they beat out Green Bay because they have an easier schedule and should return to the form they were two years ago.
Time for the AFC predictions:

The 1 seed- The New England Patriots will claim the first seed with a 12-4 record. Here’s why: We know about Tom Brady’s suspension, but I think the Patriots will go 2-2 in the span without Brady and then finish the season strong. They have a great offense and a pretty solid defense as well, should be a typical year for the Pats barring no major injuries.

Tom Brady vs Vikings in 2014

Tom Brady vs Vikings in 2014

The 2 seed- The Pittsburgh Steelers will claim the second seed with a 12-4 record as well. Here’s why: Le’veon Bell is suspended as for the first 4 games as long as he doesn’t will his appeal. Deangelo Williams was very good in Bell’s absence last year and should do very well again. They have a decent defense and guys like Markus Wheaton and Sammie Coates will have to step up without Martavis Bryant because he is suspended for the whole season.

The 3 seed- The Denver Broncos will claim the 3 seed with a 10-6 record. Here’s why: A lot of people might disagree with this prediction and I can see why, but my take on it is that I think Mark Sanchez will win the starting job and have a solid season as the game manager for them. This is the best team that he has been on and the best weapons he’s had. Their secondary is still the best in football, and the front 7 lost a couple of guys but should still be very good.

The 4 seed- The Houston Texans will claim the 4th seed with a 9-7 record. The Jaguars just miss the division with an 8-8 record behind them. Here’s why: The Texans might struggle at first on offense because they have a lot of new faces in the offense. I think we are going to see some good things from Brock Osweiler and then see some bad things as well. Lamar Miller should be good in that offense, and they drafted Will Fuller and Braxton Miller to help out Deandre Hopkins. The defense should be very good once again and they will win the division.

The 5 seed- The Cincinnati Bengals will claim the first wildcard spot with a 10-6 record. I think the Bengals take a step back this year a little bit. Here’s why: They lost Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu in Free Agency this offseason, their first round pick William Jackson tore his pectoral muscle a few days ago. They still have a good offense though, Tyler Eifert, AJ Green, Gio Bernard, Jeremy Hill. They still will be a good team, but I don’t think a great team.

The 6 seed- The Oakland Raiders finally get back into the playoffs this year with a 9-7 record. Here’s why: they got tremendously better this offseason, signed Reggie Nelson, Bruce Irvin, Kelechi Osemele, Sean Smith. We know free agency isn’t the key to building a team, but I think they will be decent. Derek Carr is now in his third year, Amari Cooper in his second. They will sneak into the playoffs and have potential to do some damage if they get in.
Playoff Predictions

Wildcard round: In the AFC: The 5 seed Bengals beat the 4 seed Houston Texans.
The 3 seed Denver Broncos beat the 6 seed Oakland Raiders.
The 5 seed Seattle Seahawks beat the 4 seed Dallas Cowboys.
The 3 seed Carolina Panthers beat the 6 seed Minnesota Vikings.

Divisional round
The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Cincinnati Bengals.
The New England Patriots beat the Denver Broncos.
The Seattle Seahawks beat the Arizona Cardinals.
The Green Bay Packers beat the Carolina Panthers.

Championship round
The New England Patriots beat the Pittsburgh Steelers
The Green Bay Packers beat the Seattle Seahawks.

Super Bowl
The Green Bay Packers defeat the New England Patriots and the Packers capture their 5th Super Bowl.

Here’s to an exciting 2016 season!

Lambeau Field.  The home to this years predicted Superbowl Champions, The Greenbay Packers.

Lambeau Field. The home to this years predicted Superbowl Champions, The Greenbay Packers.

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