Misdirected Anger

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Tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of the first World Trade Center attack. The ideology responsible for the cause of this attack, and the ones that followed, and the ones that didn’t happen yet is no secret, BUT we’re not allowed to talk about it without being labelled bigots. It’s totally disgusting what has happened to our way of thinking. There have been 32,000+ terrorist attacks worldwide since 9/11/01, all inspired by that ideology. Still, we’re unable to talk about it.

Now, a gun group, who has inspired zero mass shootings, is being blamed for a recent school attack by yet another drugged person. Not one NRA member has been involved in a shooting, as their number one focus is responsible gun safety.

I hold no membership or any emotional connection to the NRA, but nothing will be solved if the wrong party is being blamed. It’s as if we are living in bizzaro world where feelings trump facts. It’s total bullshit.

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