Merkel, You Have Blood On Your Hands!


When Merkel said that Germany could cope with as many refugees as possible and that “all should come”, she thought she was doing a great humanitarian deed, which would help sort out the horrors of the migration crisis, which has seen babies wash up on beaches and people starving in camps. In the first few months she let in more than a million refugees into Germany. As Germany has a population of 80 million (roughly) some troubles were expected but initially there didn’t seem to be too many problems arising… initially. It wasn’t until the public realised that these people weren’t being security checked that they started to gather disdain. It wasn’t until the public realised that the public services couldn’t cope with the rapid artificial increase in demand that their disdain grew further. And it wasn’t until the public realised that these people were not refugees but were actually economic migrants when their disdain became intolerable.

It would be foolish and stupid to say that the people who’ve come to Germany and Europe in the migrant crisis are all economic migrants just as it would be stupid to say they’re all refugees. The vice-president of the EU commission said that roughly 60% of those coming to Europe in the migrant wave are actually economic migrants, not refugees. The majority of these people are not fleeing persecution of war but just want to improve their lives. I sympathise with these people. I really do. For most of these people they don’t have the luxuries that we have in the west and their lives can be dangerous at the best of times, but the best way to help them is not to just let them all in, this would be bad for them and for the west. What we should be doing is making their homelands safer and securer. We need to pursue a policy of trade rather than aid. We need to take down ridiculous tariffs that make trade impossible. We need to defeat the terror that is ISIS and we need to spread democracy.

What we’re doing at the moment is not helping the migrants OR our own people. We’re merely reinforcing a clash of civilisation by foolishly trying to assimilate huge masses of people who have significantly different cultures and values to us. Some of these values are not compatible with the West. The way that some parts of the East treat women and homosexuals is simply not compatible with the western world. We can help these people, but not like this.

By opening up the doors we’ve seen a rapid rise in terrorism with an average of an attack everyday this week. There should never be a time where we look at the news and see an attack and aren’t mortified. We should be catastrophic if one happens every year, let alone everyday. We must not be desensitised to this. Some attacks have nothing to do with the migrant wave, some attacks have nothing to do with ISIS but why would anyone want to add to these threats by having an open door to terrorists and jihadists and having the freedom of movement of Kalashnikovs and bombs thanks to the Schengen agreement.

Angela Merkel, there is blood on your hands! Resign, so that your legacy doesn’t sink further into the abyss. Resign so that you can walk the streets of Europe without being pelted with copious amounts of refuse. Europeans don’t want you or actively detest you for destroying their sense of security. End Schengen, Restore border controls and get some leader who actually want to preserve European culture.

Sebastian Cheek

About Sebastian Cheek

Sebastian is a Briton from Surrey and has always been keen on political affairs. He’s a member of the United Kingdom Independence Party in Britain and a supporter of the GOP in America. Sebastian has been very involved in the ‘Brexit’ campaign in Britain, has delivered speeches and taken part in debates in his home county and in London. Seb’s expertise lies in the field of British politics and Economics.