Memes BANNED at UK School

Oaklands Catholic Secondary School in Hampshire, UK, has decided to ban memes. The decision came after the police were called twice in a few years due to students mocking members of staff, online.

It was discovered that an Instagram page using the school’s name, ‘theoaklandsway’, devoted to posting memes related to the school had prompted the school to seek assistance from the police in dealing with the matter.

Apparently, another page on Instagram, under the now defunct name ‘oaklandsmemes” which contained ‘spicier’ content was removed as a result of the scandal.

The police were called to the school for the first time, a few years ago, after a ‘racist’ meme depicting a bald, black teacher as a Malteser (a round and smooth chocolate candy) came to a teacher’s attention.

Students who were running the page were threatened with legal consequences under the 1988 Malicious Communications Act if they were to continue to post ‘libelous’ memes deriding the school’s members of staff. In the adjunct letter issued by the school, they spoke of the easiness of tracking down social media users.

In order to uphold the school’s reputation, the letter also states that the school will be working closely with the authorities to clamp down on some negative activities on social media. They go onto say, “it is very easy to identify youngsters who follow or ‘like’ these sites, they are in effect condoning or supporting the information contained in them.

Anyway, without much further delay, here are a few of their memes:


Are we in for meme licenses in the future? I kid, of course.


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