Margaret Mead’s Samoan Skullduggery (Manthropology #4)

As I’ve repeatedly stated, I genuinely feel that Margaret Mead’s Coming of Age in Samoa is one of the most influential books ever written…and that’s not a good thing.

You can find out why in this video.

This time around we’ll be going to a rich and exotic culture, to the beautiful islands of the South Seas. That’s right, we’re revisiting and going far more in-depth into the theories of one Margaret Mead—and of course we’ll discuss how they were wrong, and how people just keep on believing in them anyway. And of course we”ll also discuss how  Mead’s True Believers are making our lives just a little bit more unpleasant.

So, to discuss this whole issue, we should of course start with what Ms. Mead wrote, interspersed with how it was right or wrong.

I specify “right or wrong”, because I am not afraid to admit that some of what she says is not only accurate, but aligns with some of what we say in the reactosphere. But almost immediately afterwards, she’ll send forth some poz that can be directly linked to what makes the world suck today. And then deliver some more poz, but hey what do you expect from a 23 year old college girl, whom even her fans admit was a sexually progressive lass who set out with a political agenda in her research? It’s honestly a bit frustrating how she comes very close to making a legitimate anthropological inquiry, but then ruins it with the idealism that she wears on her sleeve.

Find out more about this in the video.

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