Make It Or Break it For May’s “Global Britain” As The Commonwealth Gathers In London

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Britain, for the past 500 years, has a had a thorough history with the world beyond Europe, especially considering 23% of the world’s population and 24% of the world’s landmass were a part of the British Empire. Even following the UN’s Resolution for Decolonisation in 1960, Britain maintained her global influence through the Commonwealth of Nations.

In 1973 however, Britain turned it’s back on much of the world, and instead committed itself to the European Economic Community (Later the European Union) and thus surrendered much of her global influence and her sovereignty. The 200 nautical miles of fishing waters guaranteed to the UK by international law, were reduced to 12 nautical miles. Britain’s ability to trade outside of Europe was limited by the Lisbon Treaty and the EU’s inability to negotiate free trade agreements. Most importantly, European Laws superseded those that were created in Westminster.

Despite the 45 years Britain spent as a mere piece of a European Oligarchy, with the vote on the 23rd of June, 2016, to leave the European Union, Theresa May has been given an opportunity. A one time opportunity to restore Britain to at least somewhat of her former glory, and what better way would there be to do that, than to revitalise the Commonwealth.

Now I am not suggesting we merely close our borders to our European neighbours, and open them to our old friends in the Commonwealth, I wholeheartedly believe in a sensible merit based immigration system, but I also wholeheartedly believe that the Prime Minister will not get the free trade agreement she seeks from the European Union. Thus the Prime Minister must utilise this gathering of the Commonwealth to the best of Her ability, and secure a new age for the British people. One where we are not a vassal state of the United States of Europe, one where we are not a mere march of the United States of America, but one where Britain can stand on Her own two feet, and with Her friends in the Commonwealth, truly make a difference in the World.

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