Lone Gunman or Turkish Agent?

Lone Gunman, or Turkish Agent?

While attending an exhibition titled: Russia as seen by the Turks, Ambassador Andrei Karlov was gunned down by a Muslim.

According to the mainstream media, the assassination was carried out by a lone individual, and the motivation is Russian involvement in Syria. He gunned down the Ambassador, shouted about why he did it, and then of course started to shout the Muslim, ‘Allah is Great[est]’ catch phrase.

It wasn’t the act of a lone gun man.

It wasn’t the act of a lone gunman intent on addressing injustices…

This was a covert act of war by the Turks.

The Turkish government – those that staged a faux-failed coup in order to solidify power, purge the military of opposition, and conduct mass arrests of private citizens put a gun in this man’s hand and did one of three things:

  1. They ordered him to do it, since he is most likely a Turkish Government agent.
  2. They ordered him to either assassinate the Russian Ambassador, or watch his family slowly tortured and murdered.
  3. Or least likely: they found a man who couldn’t provide for his family, willing to assassinate the Russian Ambassador with the promise of paying his family handsomely.

This is far from the first time that the Turkish government found itself with blood on it’s hands. 

There is a long list of murdered or mysteriously missing journalists going as far back as the 1909. Most recently, an Editor named Can Dündar was the victim of an assassination attempt on the steps of a courthouse where he was on trial for publishing articles that accused the Turkish Government of supporting extremists in Syria and beyond.

In August, the Turkish Opposition leader was nearly assassinated when his convoy was fired upon. However, the attempt was unsuccessful, and the government quickly named the Kurds as the aggressors.

That’s just a brief intro of what the Turks are willing to do with their own citizens, and we aren’t even touching the Armenian Genocide, or the possible mass murders carried out in secret after the staged so-called ‘Failed coup’ over the summer.

When it comes to Russia, Turkey is almost foaming at the mouth that the Russians would dare align themselves with Syria. Turkey has proven time and time again that they wish to be the major player in Middle Eastern politics, even as they push for EU membership.

So, with the Russians backing the rightful leadership of Assad, and Turkey backing the ISIS forces under the guise of ‘Rebels and activists’, Turkey has maneuvered again and again to cast Russians as the ‘bad guys’ in the conflict.

In 2015, a Turkish owned F-16 (infuriating they use American firepower, isn’t it?) to shoot down a Russian fighter that they claimed had violated Turkish Airspace.

Mysteriously, in 2014, a Boeing 777 known as MH17 was shot down over Ukraine and landed in the village of Snizhne. The ‘official’ story, as told to us by the leftist Western Media, is that Russian separatist forces in Ukraine shot the airliner down. While the Russian Government insisted that it had to have been Ukrainian forces.

There is also a third, and more likely option: the Turks shot the civilian airliner down in an attempt to frame Russia and to galvanize the world against Russia.

In the last few years, there has been a relatively quiet, but fierce, power-struggle for naval supremacy in the Black Sea, with Russia, as of September, declaring that the Russian Navy had ‘Mastery’ over the Black Sea.

Just a few short years ago, it would have been no trouble at all for a small maneuverable Turkish naval vessel to slip in close, and dispatch a small force into the war-torn region and shoot down the civilian airliner.

The assassination of Ambassador Andrei Karlov is just another covert move by the Turks in their struggle for power of influence over the whole of the Middle-east, and it will not be their last dark deed towards that end.