Liking Dogs Is Something That White People Do That Is Probably Racist


According to the article published in the Very Smart Brothas Blog by The Root titled “10 Not-Racist-at-All Things White People Do That Make Me Think ‘Yup, He’s Probably Racist’”, white people’s apparently exclusive adoration of dogs is probably racist. One could only guess the rationale behind connecting a love for dogs and racism. Dogs tend to be very territorial and protective of their owners, disparate crime statistics for offenses such as trespassing or breaking and entering, in certain areas, may be contributing factors to the formation of the racist dog stereotype. The author states in his fourth point of the article:


“Look, I know dog lovers are generally good people, and usually better people than cat people. But if I check your Facebook or Twitter profile and your avatar is a dog, I’m, like, 60 percent certain you’ve trained that dog to bite darkies.”

I’m, like, 99.9 percent certain that guard dogs are trained to protect the owner’s household and property indiscriminately, rather than to target certain racial groups. Dogs shouldn’t be politicized or brought into a racial debate, as they’ve been domesticated for around 15,000 years – far beyond the invention of Post-Structuralism or Critical Theory – only to be shamelessly used as a cudgel to batter whatever remnants of Western society there may be. While there may be some anecdotal observations to be made between pet ownership and political inclinations, I can’t see many exchanging their dogs for their political dogma.


In the article, some things that are probably racist include: patriotism, driving a pickup truck, wearing camouflage, hunting, and living somewhere isolated. Make sure to look over your shoulder in future if you believe to be guilty of the aforementioned probably racist actions – as the author finishes:


“I’m keeping my eyes on you and your damn dog.”



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  • Eroz

    Im less and less opposed to a race war at this point. The only way we will ever live in peace is if whites have their own Ethno State