Kendrex J. White’s Haitian Revolution 5/2/17

It has recently come to light that Kendrex Jermaine White, the young, black man suspected of the UT stabbing that left 3 injured and one dead, posted a video in 2012 entitled, Haitian Revolution. The video, a comedic, cheaply made piece replete with music lifted from The Dark Knight Rises and Deathnote, was discovered on Mr. White’s Youtube channel which has not been updated since 2015. In the film White is seen playing the role of a Haitian slave who incites a rebellion against tyrannical white overlords (slavers) who are played by a Hispanic man and a thin, black man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask respectively.

In the video Mr. White declares, “Alright my brethren, it is time to rebel against the white man. So much tyranny – so much hate – no more, no more!” This lends some credence to the idea that White’s stabbing spree was racially motivated – a case of life imitating art, if one can rightly describe the film as such.

The film may be viewed here.