Just One Example Of The Democrat’s Hypocrisy

During Judge Kavanaugh’s hearing, Hawaii’s Democratic Senator, Mazie Hirono questioned the judge about a former colleague’s behavior from nearly 30 years ago. She asked if he was aware of Alex Kozinski’s behavior.

“How could Kavanaugh work with somebody like that?”, some in the media asked, and liberals on Twitter echoed those sentiments.

It sickens me that hypocrites like Hirono have the nerve to question anyone on their knowledge of misconduct when her colleagues in Congress used over 17 million dollars in taxpayer funds for settlements, awards, and hush money in sexual harassment cases. How many people forgot about the hush fund? It’s fair to wonder if some of it was used to silence the media as well. Though the funds didn’t work for Hirono’s pervy pal, Al Franken, I wish the Senator from Hawaii cared as much about her currently employed rapey-and-creepy colleagues as much as she does about Kavanaugh’s knowledge of a judge who already resigned in disgrace.

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