EXCLUSIVE: John Rees-Evans quits UK Independence Party Will now front new political party

TORQUAY – UNITED KINGDOM – John Rees-Evans has left the UK Independence Party in order to help front a new party with what he calls “a massive engagement and outreach program.”

The new party, known as Affinity, was registered with the Electoral Commission last night, soon after Rees-Evans came fourth in the UKIP leadership election, which was won by Henry Bolton.

Rees-Evans has spoken exclusively to NMC, and has said that he was initially approached with the idea of the party last year after the UKIP leadership election in November 2016, but those behind Affinity agreed to withhold launching the party in the hope of a potential cooperation with UKIP. As well as official registration completed yesterday, Affinity also launched a website – www.reboot2020.com – which states:

“The process for a seriously FRESH START in politics and for a SMARTER FUTURE for everything in Britain has begun in earnest. We offer a real opportunity for the politically-homeless and those seeking change.”

Rees-Evans said that Affinity aims to “undertake the biggest employment drive in British history.” The group behind the party, who cannot be disclosed yet, along with Rees-Evans, are aiming high with ambitions to employ 41,000 staff, have 650 constituency offices and produce their own TV and radio content. Rees-Evans’ first intention is to “increase the awareness of the benefits of Direct Democracy amongst the electorate,” adding: “the people who approached me are not party politicos, just people that believe in Direct Democracy and want Great Britain to be prosperous and free, and they are donors that will be funding it and participating in the development of Affinity. It is too early to be thinking of conflict with other parties.”

Rees-Evans was keen to stress that he leaves UKIP on good terms, saying: “Since my teenage years I have been a strong supporter of what UKIP do. I became involved in campaigning for them because I hoped they would adopt the Direct Democracy program, but because the membership voted for something else, I do not believe they are the vehicle for this, but I will continue to support their cause from the sidelines. It’s been a privilege to meet and to have worked with some of the most selfless and hardworking people I have ever met. At some point in the future, it would be nice to be able to agree to some sort of collaboration between Affinity and UKIP, but if not, I wish them all the best.”

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  • lufAdmin

    I will support this party if they LOUDLY run on Proportional Representation and pressure Tories/Labor to hold a referendum on PR the same way UKIP forced them to hold a referendum on Brexit and won.

    Without PR, too many Brits feel powerless and have no control over their leaders. If PR wins, smaller and new parties with good ideas will flourish and people will get what they vote for.

    • Adrian Wainer

      If one takes the Islamist threat issue out of the equation, there are good arguments both for and against PR. If one adds the Islamist threat in to the equation, the problem that the UK needs to neutralize the Islamist threat and PR is a diversion from that.

      • Hogspace

        Yes as in isolate, inoculate, eradicate.

      • ChilliKwok

        On the contrary – a PR system would be very helpful in the fight against Islam, for many reasons:
        1) it will cause the Islamists to form their own Muslim brotherhood party so they will no longer be concealed within Labour – revealing the size of the threat to the wider British public.
        2) It will break-off a huge chunk of Labour voters into an separate Muslim extremist block.
        3) If Labour then does a deal with that block to win their support it will be clear for all to see – damaging Labour.

    • david Allen

      JRE Doesn’t support PR or any form of fairer voting for a representative government. However UKIP does and will be progressing fairer voting in the most innovative way and as a priority part of the overall program. Our approach now is to make it happen.

  • disqus_XVbpeZ156A

    So it was an attempt to undermine UKIP, he corroborated with AMW, the reason I changed to Henry Bolton, I hope he takes her with him. They saw a weakened political party and put it in their gun sights but the trigger mechanism failed at the last second. The membership of UKIP having shown better judgement than that of the Labour Party, now in the grip of the Iron fist of the Communists, Tories backsliding on Brexit, the Liberal Undemocratic Party finished, the sound choice for 20 million leavers is UKIP, the Party that won the referendum for them.

    • Maxine Spencer

      Happy to hear that JRE has done the sensible thing as he was wasting his time in UKIP. When I heard about this new party I said JRE should lead it: I always felt this was his destiny to lead a party rather than be a follower. I wish him and the party well. He did not ‘undermine’ UKIP as they are doing that to themselves. Too many people that have been loyal to the party for years and have worked like donkeys to help them have left for a variety of reasons. There are many good people in UKIP but the party has lost its way so the smart people are getting out now before they get caught in the complete collapse.

      • Adrian Wainer

        Good points and well made.

      • disqus_XVbpeZ156A

        I guess the proof of the pudding will be in the eating, so we can only wait and see. As a post Brexit Party UKIP will be an infant, but at least nappy trained, Affinity may mess itself for sometime to come, but we will have to wait and see.

    • Adrian Wainer

      AMD Waters is not a Nazi and neither are the people who support her. The current leader of UKIP is a disgrace to allow such criticism of her and her supporters.

      • Rikki Parkinson

        i agree with you but how can we take any comment from someone who hides there name

  • Adrian Wainer

    “employ 41,000 staff” is that a typo?

    • Barry Plank

      No! Diane Abbot did the typing! 😂

    • real redrug

      Probably a load of fantasy, although it’ll impress both his members.

  • Budgie

    If you can’t persuade the rest of UKIP of the rightness of your (party’s) ideas, what makes you think you can persuade the rest of the country?

    One of UKIP’s many problems is factionalism and the subsequent infighting and splits. JR-E is contributing to it, not solving it. What happens when Affinity has its own infighting and splits?

    • John Lowcock

      There may be disagreements and infighting but at least it will be democratic

      • Because having a party created by an anonymous National Management Team shows true openness and transparency? Very democratic not

  • Colin 2

    Joining this new initiative, as I have done, does not mean that one has to leave UKIP.
    I will join any party, apart from the others around at the moment, that will secure our leaving the EU and help to build this Christian country back up again. Joining UKIP and Affinity helps to keep pressure on the Government of the day.

  • Chunkie

    And I wasted my vote on him! Mind you I would have voted for Bolton and I will now be renewing my UKIP membership! Bye John, I think you’ve made a grave error!

  • alex

    I notice he does not tell us what “direct democracy” is and wjile he will tell us they will be completely “transparent” but cannot be transparent enough to tell us who funds “affinity”, it all sounds a bit Labourish to me

    • If REAL direct democracy is actually introduced I will be surprised

  • Mark Browning

    The only time my vote made a difference was under a system of Direct Democracy in the EU referendum…Ukip have just ensured that their members votes never again get to make a difference!

  • Well actually Affinity is not a registered party yet, the process takes a bit longer than filling out an application form and I would suggest people think very carefully when they are told there is a secret group behind a political party that cannot be disclosed yet, as the reasons for such secrecy are not generally good ones.

    • Thanks Marty . Just my point who are behind JRE. Could it be big business ?

  • So why is the group behind affinity not being disclosed

  • Sadly I wouldnt support JRE anymore.

  • I was a John Rees Evans but never again.

  • AJAX

    That’s the end politically of Rees-Evans