Jared Taylor & Kaiter Enless, a Dialogue [upcoming]

Mr. Taylor

Greetings and salutations, ladies and gentlemen, NMC’s Kaiter Enless here. Tomorrow – that is [12/28/16] at around 10 AM Eastern time I will be hosting a brief (around 20-30 min) talk with Jared Taylor of American Renaissance. Mr. Taylor is a well known academic and public speaker who has written numerous books about race, culture and identity. This will be an informal dialogue about current topics as well as the current racial views and divides within American society.


Mr. Enless


The event will be livestreamed (unless technical-difficulties occur) as part of the re-launch of the EPL Podcast (ethos, pathos, logos) so I hope to see you there.

Watch the video here [editor’s note: I misspoke in the video, saying the event would occur @10 PM – this is incorrect]