Is The Moon The Ultimate Symbol Of Male White Supremacy?

The moon has been a silent guardian of earth since its genesis. It has watched over mankind from the splitting of the first prokaryotic cell to the presidency of Donald Trump, but has it been a symbol of white supremacy this entire time? That’s what researchers at the International Luna Ticas Observatory Association believe, who released a paper earlier today titled; “Cycles and Supremacy; The Problematic Connotations Of The Moon.”

The paper noted a few key issues progressives are raising with the moon, which has always been thought of as innocuous. The first and most obvious issue is “the moon is incredibly large and noticeably white, serving as a domineering and inescapable metaphor for white supremacy. Indeed, that it constantly bears down upon us reflects its oppressive nature.”

The paper goes on to further point out that “Though throughout mythology and history many Goddesses have been associated with the moon, it is clear that toxic masculinity is at the core of the moon. It has a constant presence without anyone’s consent, which is symbolic of rape culture. Furthermore, the first three humans on the moon were white, cis, heteronormative men. Lastly there are craters on the moon which, due to apophenia, appears to be a crude face. This is known as ‘The Man On The Moon’, a constant and mocking reminder of the patriarchal white supremacist society that engulfs us.”

This groundbreaking report could change how we view the moon indefinitely. We at NMC took to a Twitter poll to find out what the public thought should happen to the moon, in light of this study. A staggering 87% of Twitter users thought the moon should be torn down and replaced with a statue of Martin Luther King.

The remaining 13% thought that this was political correctness gone mad. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

About the Author

From London, England, Alizee is a satirical contributor for New Media Central.
  • carlheavisides

    Clearly they forgot to mention the most important factor – the lunar eclipse – this is obviously a facsimile of black-face.

  • meh321

    Nvm. 🙂

  • Rod Fell

    Just turn the moon around so it’s dark side is facing us.

    • MAGA Knight Leo


  • JimSmith

    lol! pretty funny stuff!

  • Michael Draper

    Funny read, thanks!

  • Bruce Allmighty

    The moon is sometimes red and blue & green & it also has a dark side and it has been considered feminine for many millennia. A very diverse & inclusive feminie celestial body which is exactly why males have been desperate to get there in their phallic shaped rockets for generations.
    Nothing like a little satire to make your day lol