Is Hillary Clinton’s Handler Dr. Oladotun Okunola?


Building upon research done by Mike Cernovich and The Ralph Retort I decided to look a bit further into this doctor that is allegedly caring for Hillary Clinton since I live close to his office.

I called his office this morning. I asked if I could schedule an appointment with the doctor. The receptionist said no, the doctor is not seeing any new patients. Well, that was pretty strange. I have been alive for 35 years and never was rejected for a doctor’s appointment. Yes, I have been placed on multiple month waiting lists, but never an outright rejection.

After a lot of contemplation I decided to take a ride to the office just to check things out. I went in, made small talk with the receptionist, and grabbed his business card and literature. He is in a practice and there are multiple doctors there. He was not in at the time but was scheduled to come in later this afternoon.

Today Hillary Clinton is in Miami on a closed tour of a medical facility. When I read this I thought again that this is strange. The alleged doctor may be back in NJ later today but she is going on a private tour of a medical facility.

Of course I am trying to connect dots. However, they are large glaring dots to be fair. Also, to prove I went to the doctor’s office here are some pics.

I want to give credit to Seattle4Truth for inspiring me to do a little digging. Let’s keep pushing this until the media hears us and we get answers.