Incest is Relative! (Manthropology)

In which I get my hands far dirtier than they needed to be:

Incest is the verbal equivalent of garbage water, why the hell would I want to talk about this?

Because it is a very bad thing that might explain a few of the problems that currently plague the world.

What do I mean? Let’s explore—

So first of all, let us all agree that inbreeding is really, REALLY, bad. Every person’s genotype has a couple of genes that suck, but since those genes are usually recessive, that means they won’t express themselves because  of course you need two copies of a recessive gene for its corresponding karyotype to express itself. The problem is, said harmful gene variants tend to cluster into families or tribes—hence things like the West African tendency to sickle cell anemia, or the Ashkenazi Jewish tendency towards Tay-Sachs disease.

So when you, ahem, “keep it in the family”, you thus increase the chances of negative genes being expressed. So incest will thus lead to an increased chance of various congenital diseases and bith defects, and the more generations are consanguinous, the more fucked up they’re gonna get. And then you get into Hapsburg territory and that’s…just…not good.

“Thanks for the Genetics 101 lesson, Larsen” you might be saying, asking why I bothered making this video. And the reason is to debunk one stereotype and posit a theory afterwards. First the debunking:

It has for many years been a common stereotype of people from the Southern United States that they are all inbrd to various degrees. In recent years this stereotype seems to have spread to all white people as part of the overarching hysterical shrieking about white people that defines most of modern culture…

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