Imagine Gun Control A Utopia of Safety Awaits

Following the horrific shooting that took place in Florida weeks ago, politicians from both parties have been coming together in an effort to squash the problem of gun violence. Republicans are pursuing ideas regarding the ability of mentally ill individuals to purchase firearms, and increasing the power police have to take guns from “unfit” owners. Democrats want limits on magazine capacity and bans on bump stocks and “assault weapons”.

Both parties are in 100% agreement that the cause of mass shootings is too much liberty for Americans. The solution both sides propose is limiting liberty, either for all Americans, or for Americans the government deems unfit to have liberty. The outliers are folks who call on new regulations of content of movies and video games, which is yet another assault on the liberty Americans should hold dear.

So, let us consider something. Let’s IMAGINE….

Imagine for a moment that “assault weapons” are officially banned in the United States. AR-15s are taken off the market. AK-47s are taken off the market. Ruger Mini 14s are taken off the market. Weapons with the ability to fire as quickly as a person can pull the trigger are no longer in stores. Want to buy one? You can’t. Imagine these weapons are never sold again at gun stores.

Imagine for a moment that high capacity magazines are banned. Who really needs a 30-round magazine anyway, right? These magazines are used almost exclusively with the dreaded “assault weapons”, so with the firearm itself gone, we might as well remove the magazine too. Companies like Magpul have been selling their high capacity magazines to the public for years, but no more. They’re gone.

Imagine also that bump stocks, which supposedly turn a semi-automatic firearm into a fully automatic firearm, are banned. The Las Vegas shooter used a bump stock, and without it he might have killed fewer people. Get rid of it! No hunter uses a bump stock anyway, and no reasonable person would say they need one to defend themselves in their home either. Banned. Gone.

Imagine that people with mental illnesses are registered with the FBI, and that if they attempt to buy a gun from a licensed gun dealer, they will be turned down through the NICS background check system. Who wants crazy people having guns? Let’s have doctors and psychiatrists report information on their patients to the federal government, so they can be added to a list of people who can’t purchase firearms. Problem solved.

Also, let’s imagine that police have the power to confiscate firearms from anyone who seems a little uneasy. If police are called to someone’s home regarding a domestic disturbance, they should be able to make sure there aren’t any guns in the house. Regardless of whether any laws were broken, the fact that there even was a call, should be enough to retrieve all firearms from the home. No more guns for you, Mr Wife-beater! Police know what’s best, after all.

And of course, let’s imagine if Hollywood got its act together and stopped making movies that glorify violence. We all know kids have sensitive impressionable minds that are quick to copy things they see in the movies. Let’s make sure that no more violence is seen on TV or in movie theaters.

Don’t forget about video games! Imagine that games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto are finally taken out of stores. What sensible child wants to play a game in which they’re killing people anyway? Remove these parts of entertainment from society. Whatever entertainment value they offer is surely outweighed by the negative influence they have on developing minds. Gone! Forever!

A few other things to imagine – if someone has been added to the “Do Not Fly” list, we should automatically strip them of their second amendment rights. Like Donald Trump says – first take the guns, then deal with due process later. If someone can’t fly, it must mean they’re dangerous. Lists like that are pretty closely watched. You have to be a real danger to get on such a list. (Why we don’t just arrest people on the list is a question for a later time.)

Imagine that in addition to all of these things, we also give additional funding to schools so they can turn their pathetic elementary schools into secured fortresses, complete with armed guards, gun-wielding teachers, metal detectors, bullet-proof glass, bullet-proof walls, Kevlar vests and blankets for kids, locking doors, and security cameras. Yes! THIS is the best environment for the next generation to learn arithmetic and history.

And finally, let’s imagine that a year passes after ALL of these reforms have been put into effect, and there’s another mass shooting.

Which liberties will they come for next?

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