I’m Sick of Tweeting #StopIslam


When I heard what happened in Nice I assumed it was a horrific accident. As I sat in the office killing time I decided to read up a bit about what happened. As soon as I saw the word “terrorism” I knew it was a Muslim. Now of course regressive left twitter was already spouting off about the religion of peace and how Islam isn’t related to terrorism. I’m honestly sick of that garbage. The Muslims that aren’t terrorists still praise terrorism. Pew Polling showed that 42% of Islamic youth in France believe suicide bombing is justified

How many attacks do there have to be before Islam is finally seen for what it is? A violent and barbaric ideology that spreads hate. Was Orlando not enough? Brussels? All 3 attacks in France? But Bryden, that’s not Islam! They’re extremists!

All Islam is extreme, in every aspect of their life. Many Muslim societies take part in the barbaric practices of stoning and beheading for adultery. They also allow legalized pedophilia and rape. Their prophet raped and married a child. To its core Islam is a mess. Christianity has undergone many reforms while Islam stays the same. The only progress Muslims have made is getting their sandy little hands on modern weapons.

The left will make excuses for Muslims. The so-called “moderate Muslims” will continue to practice taqiyya and claim these attacks are not representative of Islam. These same “moderates” will later celebrate these attacks. I will continue to be right every time something like this happens and take to twitter to argue with cucks. #StopIslam won’t change anything. Nothing changes until Islam changes, and like a spoiled child they will continue to get their way. The entire point of Islam is total domination and a world free of all others. Dear Muslim that wants to enforce your culture on my country, stay the fuck out

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Ian Erickson

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