Idiot Daily Beast Writer Has No Clue

In the midst of my daily news browsing routine I stumbled upon the perfect example of why New Media Central is necessary.

The Daily Beast’s Betsy Woodruff is painting pro-borders/pro-legal immigration supporters as “white supremacists. She then goes on to quote an ex-Bush czar that compliments Newt Gingrich’s pandering to illegal immigrants, which was a disaster for the Bush administration, and one of the catalysts of the Tea Party Movement.


Woodruff, a hack who has bounced around other internet rags such as Washington Examiner and Slate, has a terrible habit of misrepresenting people’s positions. Her position is clear; to defame those who don’t follow her subscribed socialist-progressive agenda with the liberal attack lines such as ‘racist,’ a ‘sexist,’ or other -ists.

Later in the article, she blames the 2012 loss for the Republicans on their immigration stance, rather than Mitt Romney’s weak excuse of a campaign. In another laughable gem, Woodruff labelled those who use the term “cuckservatives,” as “white supremacists.”

I am amazed that readers purposely read articles such as Betsy Woodruff’s garbage. It’s an indictment on the entire mainstream media, and the folks who soak in this nonsense. I can’t believe that Woodruff even believes what she writes, but she’s damned if she does, and damned if she doesn’t…because it’s pure trash.


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