How social justice in South Korea has ruined gaming How bad can it be?

This article is dedicated to my South Korean cousin who sent me this text to post on New Media Central.

I got a story for you. South Korea government has an official ministry of women. Yes, the ministry of women. Run by full of hypocritical paid radical Feminists. And there’s more. You know what they do? Government-commissioned ministry or women (Let’s call MoW) to make and decide whatever law about sub-culture, especially video games. So, this ministry did nothing about the actual feminism or women’s right but they only make shitty regulation, censorship, and copyright laws.

Where to begin.. god damn, South Korea became a living SJW paradise and eternal shithole for all gamers.

They started with internet real name system in 2001. The law is basically you need to register and enter your social security number on every website on the internet. Your name, birth date, and address will be automatically sent to website’s owner.

You think this is horrible? This was just beginning. A foundation stone to Korean internet’s Big Brother system.
First, they started to broadcast shit-tons about anti-gaming commercials and propaganda in media since the dawn of 2000. See the video I embedded. Then they ignited the first light with “Shutdown Law” in 2011, aka Cinderella law. Basically, illegalize all the video game playing by minors from midnight to 9AM. Your MMO clients will automatically shut down and cops will raid PC Cafe to arrest illegal video gaming. Yes, I’m not exaggerating or bluffing. It really is. After they conquered every MMO games and PC Cafe, they invaded home console areas, such as PS and Xbox. They pressured MS and Sony to follow their rule but they don’t want to create the new code for the Korean Government. So, MS blocked every new Xbox Live registration by age under 19 by social security number checking and Sony simply shut down their PSN service for Korea. Sony officially pulled out their service in Korea, for temporary. PSN registration came back in 2013 but now they require your social security number. If you created you PSN before 2011 and you’re youth, you’re fucked. You can’t play your video game anymore. Your account is crippled and you won’t able play your game again.

After they enslaved all the gamers, they stretched even further. In 2012, they strengthened the already-big brother copyright law to whole new maximum level. They illegalized all video games those not rated. Commercial or non-profit, doesn’t matter. This is when the whole Korean internet block rampage started.

If you create a ‘Game’, digital or TPRG, the form does not matter, then you have to get a rating for your game and pay thousands of dollars USD and pay taxes yearly. After this law went into action, they started block tens of thousands of online video game websites daily, and ask them to pay tax to Korean Government. Shit just got real.

It included simple web games to RPG Maker and even mods for your PC game. Korean RPG Maker and modding community got annihilated by the government and they’re gone for good because they can’t pay thousands of dollars yearly for just one mod or game. about half a million websites got blocked in just 6 months after the law in effect and most of them still haven’t unblocked.

Some of them sadly paid the taxes, most of them not. Korean gaming community still couldn’t recover from this. You’re a felony in Korea if you don’t pay tax for your video game. The location doesn’t matter, this law applies to all video game makers and they decide if your creation is a form of ‘Game’ or not. Even rock scissors papers can be and must be registered as ‘Game’ and be rated.

After this, Korean senators start to pressure on Steam, so Steam decided to remove all the un-rated Korean video games from the store and removed all the Korean language support for un-rated games since the Korean language itelf is considered (holy shit) as copyright by the Korean government. This is not over yet.

In 2014, they officially declared gaming as one of the 4 evil elementals of society, along with drugs, alcohol, and gambling. They proposed the “Addiction care law” in 2013. What’s the purpose of this law? They now officially can mug your wallet, and make shitty regulation laws without fussy legislative proceedings in the name of “Anti-Addiction”.

The Government now can collect up to 5% of pure income from whatever industry for preventing addiction. And they can literally make any anto-addiction law from scratch to full-effect within a day without any procedures. Any, I mean ANY, procedures. By a Presidential decree. It can include ban, censor, regulate, tax, inspect, anything you can imagine.

If this law went effect, god knows what’s gonna be next. Living as a gamer in Korea is like living as a black slave in the 16th century. I don’t know what to tell anymore. I can even write a book about the current state of Korea but right now but I think this is enough to talk for now. Did I meantion that owning or distributing pornography is considered a more heavy felony than actual rape and murder in Korea? Probably not. A Japanese hentai-doujin translator got sentenced to 5 years in jail while the rape and murder suspect got 3 years in jail because he got no criminal record before and the judge saw him as can be rehabilitated. South Korea is living example of hypocrisy and the empire of a lie.