How Corporations and Government Killed the American Dream


There are not that many people who would deny that the United States promotes the free-market. They do so with a slight mix of socialism by permitting the activation of the “American Dream” through very few occasions. After the establishment of our great nation, it did not take very long for politicians to begin making it more and more difficult to make a name for yourself. Of course this is not always intentional. It’s not that they want to limit your prosperity; only to increase theirs along with their sponsoring corporations. Believe it or not, corporations own politicians in a legal but very rigged manor.

Corporations act as a donation fund to candidates so that they can pass laws to benefit that specific corporation. This is one very easy way to cheat the free-market system when your place is gained. This will make it extremely hard for any small businesses to start up after the large corporations monopolize the market in one area as seen nationwide. It is seen when a business grows and expands, once the profit margin increases that they have the ability to decrease their prices and possibly draw in more customers. Being that roughly 85% of small businesses will fail in the first two years of its establishment, it shows that the problem most likely derives from financial loss. This would be a much smaller percentile of businesses without the corporate favoritism of government and biased laws.

One method of decreasing the decline in small businesses would be to end the overbearing regulation and eliminate the income tax. That alone would really begin to help stimulate the free market and supply jobs. When socialism was referenced in the beginning, it means the increased theft of another’s hard earned money. Now that I have all of the republican’s attention, it gets even better. Those politicians regulating the businesses are favoring the corporations that kill the free-market. It is not hard to find that more often than not you will see a republican complain how the liberal left is communist by giving your money to the welfare participants and other’s healthcare. This is no different than how all tax-paying Americans fund fire departments in their local munities along with police stations and especially the troops who are provided with thousands of dollars of equipment and paid with your taxes. To all those saying, “We need these institutions and oh no, whatever will we do without our beloved roads?” It’s very simple; hand it over to the private sector like the founding fathers intended. Do not act like you support the constitution if you believe these should be mandatory to pay for.


By privatizing all of these institutions, you will have organizations capable of performing their designated tasks as well not force others to pay for it. Undoubtedly, the most important one happens to be the military. It is mentioned many times in the United States Constitution about why to have and maintain the militia. Not only does it say you may have a militia, but you are required to serve from age 17-45. There is even more than that though; an army and navy are completely optional by the constitution. The militia was meant to be the nation’s real defense against all enemies foreign and domestic.

So why does the government want to do this if even they know what is good for the people? The reason is that because it’s in human nature to want to hold power or control of others. Power has a tendency to corrupt and inflict harm on others. There are not that many individuals capable of maintaining a somewhat stable state when given a position such as the president that can be a huge influence on the world. Many go in with great intentions but turn out to be a sellout. Now they also know that power is not hard to hold once gained. All they have to do is conspire against the people behind closed doors where political parties are just a symbol for their methods toward the same goals. A politician can control the schools and thus control the nation. Hitler’s teachings are still in use when he said the quote, “Let me control the textbooks and I will control the state.” This has proven true for millions of Americans when they fall for the common lie that the government is here to serve the people.


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Sal is the founder and co-owner of New Media Central. New Media Central began as a political blog in 2012, and by mid 2016, the site became a home for independent journalists and political commentators. Email:
Sal is the founder and co-owner of New Media Central. New Media Central began as a political blog in 2012, and by mid 2016, the site became a home for independent journalists and political commentators. Email: