Hollywood Stereotypes Didn’t Kill Your Sex Life

For those of you who don’t like that I occasionally make videos of old articles:

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As I may have mentioned once or twice in these pages, I am something of a cinephile—from the early feeling out process of the silent era to the overblown crapfests we’re given today by Hollywood, I adore cinema as a form of art.

However, being a “person of color” (According to the one drop rule, anyway), there is always that nagging elephant in the room about the allegedly horrible racial stereotyping in Hollywood that gave the white devils stereotypes to use against the noble POC for generations and, of course, desexualized [insert ethnic group of your choice] and turned them into sexless buffoons and goofs, the effects of which are still felt to this day!!

As I have argued repeatedly, the rise of social justice amongst various racial groups modern America largely revolves aroundsexual frustration rather than any legitimate problems—I mean, if the most you have to complain about is meaningless pop culture flotsam, that would seem to suggest that as of right now you have it pretty good.

Let us look at my people first and judge the stereotyping of them in popular media on the whole (since that’s about 90% of what they bloviate about):

Sure, yellowface is offensive, and was often used for cheap laughs—and by my reckoning, whenever an Asian SJW talks, it’ll probably be 10 minutes or less before they start whining about Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. And why not? By some accounts “The Mickster” himself seemed to be somewhat embarrassed by his role in his later years, so I don’t blame people for being offended by it.

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