Hillary is Off the Hook

laughing Hillary 1

I cannot say that I am at all surprised that no charges will be brought against Hillary Clinton. I can’t count her scandals on my hands, yet she is the Democratic Nominee for president; why should one more crime do anything to slow her down?

On Wednesday, Loretta Lynch said in a statement that she does not plan to file any charges against Hillary Clinton. This is despite what FBI Director James Comey described as “extremely careless” behavior.

It’s time to realize that Hillary Clinton is above the law and she always will be. She will not go to jail, and she will not face charges. However, this does not mean she will not be held accountable.

She has had her eyes on the throne ever since the day Bill stepped into office; she will say and do anything to get her hands on the crown. The best punishment for Hillary Clinton’s numerous crimes would be making sure that she’ll never take the oath of office.

laughing hillary 2

The only feasible way to guarantee that Hillary is accountable for her actions is to trample on her dreams of becoming president. Now, in order to accomplish this, Trump must be elected. Let’s accept what is unalterable, and do everything possible to secure a Trump presidency.