Gus Kaparos Kung Fu (Kung Fail)

Gus Kaparos is the owner and proprietor of the Green Cloud Kung Fu School in Patchogue, New York. He is also one of the worst public speakers I’ve ever seen in my life. Somehow his career manages to offend not only a legitimate kung fu grandmaster, but also the entire Buddhist faith. In general, if your kung fu is causing you to see green clouds, it’s probably something you ate.

Who is Gus Kaparos? Gus Kaparos is the owner and sifu of Green Cloud Kung Fu Academy in Patchogue NY. He is apparently best known for, remora-like, leeching off of a legitimate kung fu grandmaster, Chan Tai San, who had never heard of Mr, Kaparos, nor have any of Master Chan’s students. Also fun fact, Master Chan was also a decorated hero of World War 2, or more accurately the second Sino-Japanese war, as he was fighting under Chiang Kai Shek’s government. But I digress.

Master Chan’s lineage first involves learning Hung Gar under a stonemason who worked for his family in China circa 1928. After his father died in 1933 he was sent to study at the Clear Cloud Temple in what is today the territory of Tibet. He did this until 1937 when he joined the army. So in this video about Gus Kaparos, why do I mention all this about the guy who he claims is his master?

Because Mr. Kaparos quite obviously read the Inside Kung Fu Magazine article on Chan (May 1996) and thought “CLOUD TEMPLE SOUNDS REALLY COOL DERP” and fudged the name a bit in the hopes nobody would recognize his blatant chicanery.

Beyond lying about training under Master Chan, Master Kaparos also lies about training in Muay Thai, winning multiple street fights and also once beating up some other dojo owner and taking the keys to his school. Standard MA bullshit, really. Let’s go to the videotape to see the thai boxing he has done since age 10.

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