Guardian columnist calls on radio station to “dump” “far-right extremist” Farage

The Guardian columnist Owen Jones is spearheading a campaign calling for LBC radio station to sack former UKIP leader Nigel Farage from its presenter roster.

Farage, who has previously described himself as a “classical liberal”, has been hosting his own phone-in show on the commercial station regularly since early last year and invites callers from all political persuasions to challenge him on his own views and discuss the topics of the day’s biggest story. Jones, who has spoken at Sinn Fein events and who recently gave a platform to Novara Media Editor Ash Sarkar – a supporter of Communism – has created in order to pressure LBC into sacking the MEP, for promoting “Trumpist right-wing extremism” after interviewing former White House ally Steve Bannon, who spoke of his support for imprisoned Rebel Media journalist Tommy Robinson.

In a series of Tweets, Jones has asked companies such as Nat West bank and British Gas to withdraw their advertisements on the station until Farage is removed.

Many have asked Jones when Farage, who has spoken critically of Robinson in the past, has expressed anything resembling extremism when Jones himself has allowed someone to advocate communism, which has killed almost 100 million people.

New Media Central has contacted both Jones and Farage for comment.

Jack Smith

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