Green Party’s Jill Stein: The DNC Sabotaged Bernie Sanders

Fox News-While Bernie Sanders supporters turned out in droves to the Democratic convention, many are chanting another name in the streets of Philadelphia as the senator steps back into the party fold: Jill Stein.

All but an afterthought for much of the primary season, the Green Party candidate’s political stock has risen in recent days as Sanders supporters search for an alternative. Stein herself has maintained a presence on the sidelines of the Philadelphia chaos, even marching with protesters Tuesday after Hillary Clinton was nominated.

“Those who are in tears, whose hearts have been broken, I’m going [to rallies] to really reassure them that their work has not been in vain,” Stein told on Wednesday.

But she’s not shy about inviting those supporters to join her cause.

“We are going to continue this movement,” Stein told a cheering crowd near City Hall Tuesday. She said her campaign was ready to embrace Sanders’ supporters, adding, “Whatever happens, you know my campaign is here.”

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