Get over it Leftists, Trump is President

Ever since the election has been over, there hasn’t been one sign whatsoever that the left is even close to moving on to help heal a divided country. From crybaby snowflakes (who didn’t even vote by the way) protesting in the streets, having “therapy” dogs, skipping class because they’re so distraught that Donald Trump is the President-elect, to elites in the Democratic Party that are pushing false narratives and fake news that they preach against.

First, the left started with Jill Stein and her fraudulent excuse of a recount. All that accomplished was exposing Jill for being a fraud and a complete idiot, and got Trump even more votes to add to his election tally. A complete backfire on the left.

But now we have the ridiculousness and idiocy of the left pushing this “Russian hacker” theory with no evidence.

Leftists and their media pawns like to demonize having a relationship at all with Russia, and just let me ask: What the hell exactly is wrong with having a (good) relationship with a country that has nuclear weapons and profiting greatly from in the oil industry?

The stupidity of this whole thing almost gives off the impression that the Democrats are upset that Trump doesn’t want to go to war with Russia. For so long, wanting reduced tensions and improved relations with Russia seemed like an applaudable goal. And now, according to the left, it is now the mark of disloyalty.

And the desperation from the left is incredible.

A New York Times article (if you can call it that) didn’t reveal that there wasn’t any evidence until the 20th paragraph. The article is 21 paragraphs long. Or how about when I was debating a leftist about not having evidence to support their Russian claim, and their response was: “1 in 4 Electoral College Democrats are requesting intel briefing” about the alleged Russian hack. And I couldn’t help but to think right off of the bat: only 25% is something to brag about?

It’s pathetic.

But seriously though, do people on the left realize there’s no evidence that Russia did anything wrong? There’s zero evidence. If you go by the facts, there’s more evidence to support an insane story such as Pizzagate than there is this Russian hacker story. All I’ve heard for years have been leftists criticizing the right for conspiracy theories. Hillary criticized conspiracy theories. And now all of them are partaking in one of the biggest conspiracy theories in our country’s history.

First off, there’s ZERO, ZERO, ZERO evidence that Russia did anything remotely wrong. A CIA analyst declared the Washington Post/CIA story a lie. And forgive me, but I don’t trust the CIA after the nonsense that happened with the FBI, and the funny thing about this is: Even the FBI (and the ODNI by the way) say they don’t support the CIA’s claim, and a top spy agency refuses to endorse the CIA assessment. The CIA wants you to believe they found proof that Russia hacked the election, but they couldn’t even help the FBI find 30,000 emails. No evidence whatsoever provided from the CIA that Russia did anything, but they’re “pretty sure” that they did. Pretty sure? And I’m not over-exaggerating. That’s pretty much what they said. A top government agency. Pretty sure. It’s just stunning what our government has become.

How come we’re talking about Russia anyways instead of Hillary’s emails? Even if Russia was responsible for the hacking, all they did was help us out by exposing even more corruption of Hillary Clinton. Russia’s not the reason 70% of coal miners supported Trump, Russia’s not the reason why Trump broke records in the Republican Party with the black and Hispanic vote, Russia didn’t make Donna Brazile give debate questions to Hillary Clinton, Russia didn’t make Hillary and the DNC rig their primary, Russia didn’t make nearly the entire media collude with Hillary, if Russia was involved all they did was expose the nonsense.

Just let this sink in for a minute: The left is risking a war with Russia over power. That’s all it is.

If you’ve been paying attention to Wikileaks, you already know that the Hillary Clinton campaign was planning on pushing Russian propaganda back in April. If you don’t know or remember: In a DNC email back in April, an email read: “We don’t have a ton on Simes, but the pro-Russia stuff ties in pretty well to idea that Trump is too friendly with Putin/weak on Russia.” This has been planned out. They pushed it in the election, and they’re pushing it now. It’s nothing more than leftist propaganda based off of no evidence and blatant lies.

And by the way, Hillary wants to push the story that Trump is best friends with Putin, but who sold Uranium to Russia for profit? The hypocrisy of this evil individual.

But the propaganda doesn’t end here. Leftists are also pushing the narrative that Russia hacked the Brexit vote as well. Seriously? So we’re just going to blame Russia for everything that doesn’t push our agenda, lefties? After all, Russia is our mortal enemy for some odd reason with no factual evidence, but Saudi Arabia is a trusted ally because they give us oil and money. Nevermind the fact that they abuse and murder homosexuals and women who Democrats say they champion. Again, more hypocrisy from the left. Let’s support countries who fund terrorists, hell, let’s fund the terrorists ourselves! But then get mad at Russia, because Trump.

We all have to stop and laugh for a second at the hypocrisy from the left. All those years (and even now) the Republicans called the Democrats “communists”, and now it’s the GOP with the “Russia Problem”. The left sided with the Soviet Union against the United States during the Cold War era, but now they’re all of sudden trying to be tough on Russia. The same people who want “safe spaces” are the ones pushing an agenda that could potentially start a war with Russia. Is it because Russia isn’t communist anymore like you lefties? They don’t support your nonsense, so you just lie to get even?

More hypocrisy: Remember back in a 2012 debate when Obama laughed at Mitt Romney for saying Russia was a threat? But now here in 2016, Russia is magically the biggest threat to our democracy.

As far as threats, I wouldn’t be surprised if illegal immigrants and dead people voting by the millions are more of a threat to our elections than Russia.

This whole narrative by the left has been like multiple narratives before pushed by this evil ideology: BLATANT LIES. Again, there’s no evidence whatsoever that Russia had any involvement in anything wrong. There’s a load of hypocrisy throughout this entire thing. And there sure is a lot of bitching and crying.

Donald J. Trump is the President-Elect of the United States. Get the hell over it.

– Andrew Powell