Geraldo Rivera Sucks

Mark Taylor from Rockville, USA - Geraldo Rivera at White House - WikiMedia Commons

On Monday’s “The Five”, on Fox News, correspondent-at-large Geraldo Rivera said he was “ashamed” of the way migrants attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexico border are being treated.

Rivera said. “This goes to my soul. Fulfilling my role as the designated piñata on Fox News, I want to say I am ashamed. The tear gas choked me. We treat these people — these economic refugees — as if they’re zombies from ‘The Walking Dead.’ We arrested 42 people, eight of them were women with children! We have to deal with this problem humanely and with compassion. These are not invaders. Stop using these military analogies. This is absolutely painful to watch!”

Rivera, a news veteran and journalist of over 4 decades surely has to know that using tear gas at the Southern border is nothing new. As a matter of fact, tear gas was used once a month at the border under Obama.

Liberal propagandists like Geraldo think that Americans are still stupid enough to believe his nonsense. Even 7 out of 10 Mexican citizens have a negative view of the caravan.

Like any typical liberal news hack, he loves being a race baiter. I remember Rivera trying to instigate fighting in ‎Baltimore, Maryland during protests. He was trying to become a news story by getting in protesters faces calling them “punks” and “anarchists”.

On a side note, my favorite Geraldo Rivera memory was when I jokingly swerved a dump truck I was driving at him when he was jogging near his NJ home (I used to live near him). He dove into someone’s bushes out of fear.

He needs to dive back into the bushes and remain in obscurity for the remainder of his days. He’s tired, washed up, and Americans are becoming too smart for pseudo-journalists like the 75 year old POS, Geraldo Rivera.

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