George Soros: Biggest Threat To Our Democracy

There are considerable accusations surrounding George Soros. Who is he? What’s his background? What are his ties to the Democratic Party? What exactly does he fund? Does he employ counter-protestors and rioters? Let’s start with Who is Soros, this will build the foundation for his insanity.

George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930 to Jewish parents. His real name is actually Gyorgy Schwartz. As a teenager, he sold out his fellow Jews to the Nazi party and helped to steal and catalog their property. Hitler’s denizens shipped nearly half a million Hungarian Jews to death camps. Even as a teenager, Soros showed his narcissistic behaviors by working with repulsive Nazis that murdered his own people.

Soros eventually left Hungary for England where he became a banker and graduated from the London School of Economics. He then moved to the United States where he became a currency trader. Soros made his first Million by shorting the British Pound in 1992. He has continued to maintain the “Nazi” or communistic way of life as he uses his wealth not just to break banks but to break societies and rebuild them as he sees fit.

Soros is a sheep in wolfs clothing. He has donated more than 13 Billion dollars while claiming he is improving the framework for Democracy. He has an “Open Society Foundation” (OSF) that operates in 100 Nations. He claims that these funds are going to improving education, reforming criminal justice, ensuring public health and developing social justice programs. OSF investments include programs such as ACRON, Planned Parenthood, Southern Poverty Law Center, National Organization for Women, The Huffington Post, ALEC, and Media Matters. The organizations in BOLD are under much controversy at the moment. Soros is involved with organizations that tear down Democracy (painted with pretty names) while slaughtering other organizations that stand for Liberty, Democracy, and Equality. The “organizations” listed above are only some that Soros funds.

Soros also helped to fund the campaign for Obama. Does the name Jon Pedesta ring a bell? He oversees The Center for American Progress, while also tasked to be Hillary Clintons campaign manager. Soros gave Millions to Clintons campaign in 2016 while also funding Podesta’s organization which is in turn very much linked to Hillary Clinton.

George Soros seems to be behind every controversial topic being discussed to include the false global warming claim. He also invested in Monsanto and a lab in Sierra Leone that created a CDC patented EBOLA strain. He truly believes that the United States should succumb to global rules infiltrating our media and the Lefts ideology with the global initiative. readers called the billionaire “The single most destructive leftist demagogue in the country”

He truly believes that if we separate our country, create a “Civil War” if you will, the Democratic party can rebuild with his ideology. He has helped and funded this divide. He capitalizes on a crisis.  George Soros donated 33 million dollars to help radical activists, thus creating the massive divide in Ferguson, Missouri. This turned a one-day criminal event into a 24-hour riot resulting in injuries and destruction in the streets. OSF recently gave 10 million dollars to “confront hate” and another 500 million dollars for “migrants, refugees and host communities” (Sanctuary Cities). If he allocated some of his massive wealth to Americans, the needs of Veterans, the homeless, abused children or the drug epidemic in the U.S. one might say that he cares for our country. Sadly, his funds go to tear down the very foundation of our country, the foundation our forefathers fought so hard to develop.

George Soros gives Billions to the Left Wing “causes”. His foundation OSF was created for that purpose, to spread his wealth to the left’s ideology. His affluence in elections is astounding. He once said removing George W. Bush from the White House was the “central focus of my life”. This kind of rings a bell in who might strongly be behind this “Impeach Donald J. Trump” campaign. He supported Obama and Clinton with the maximum allowed “donations” to their campaign while funding revolts to remove Republican Presidents.   

One might think that American Sovereignty should be our highest priority, this is not the direction Soros wants to take our nation. He wants The U.S. to become subservient to international power. He supports entities like World Bank and International Monetary Fund. Back in 1998, he wrote “Insofar as there are collective interests that transcend state boundaries; the sovereignty of states must be subordinated to international law and international institutions”. What is this man smoking? The United States of America “Subordinated”, not on my watch and the many brothers and sisters that bleed and gave lives to defend this great nation.

Earlier I mentioned that Soros funds Media Matters. This is a media watchdog organization that exaggerates conservative viewpoints and guess what, they go all the way to the main stream media. George Soros and his “watch dogs” control what is put forth to the people. What’s sad is, the left believes whatever they hear while the right seems to ask more questions and search for facts. This observation is proven to anyone that uses social media. The left seems to roll in waves spewing name calling in conjunction with whatever main stream media is reporting.

Another foundation that Soros funds is called This foundation raises millions for Liberal candidates. This is how ideology is spread, brainwashing using imagery. This group spread that George W. Bush should be compared to Adolf Hitler. Kinda sound familiar in regard to the attacks on Donald J. Trump. Another institution that’s funded is “America Coming Together”. Sounds like a worthy cause, right? Not so much, they sound fantastic but are masked with lies and deception. Millions of dollars flooded this organization. Its main purpose and why it was erected was to defeat Republican presidents. They push for massive get-out-the-vote effort, they employed numerous felons for door-to-door canvassing teams, voter registration drives were corrupted, they hand out flyers littered with fraudulent claims and they made misleading taped phone calls to voters. ACT was actually fined $775,000.00 by the Federal Election Commission for violations of federal campaign laws. It was later exposed on WikiLeaks that Soros owned voting machines in 16 U.S States during the 2016 election…

It seems as if Democratic politicians are held up by strings with Soros controlling their every action. Obama’s Czar Van Jones and his left environmental ideas have been funded by Soros. He funded groups like Green for All and the Apollo Alliance which was quite important in getting Obama’s stimulus package pushed thru. More than 110 billion dollars funded that movement.

George Soros is synonymous with wealth. Where did all of this money come from you might ask? Well if you ask Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad, he will tell you he is an “economic war criminal”. Back in 1997, during the Asian financial crisis, Soros brought down the nation’s currency through his trading activities. Soros also initiated a financial crisis in Britain, he is known as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England”. Soros dumped in 10 billion sterling, forcing the devaluation of the currency all the while gaining a billion-dollar profit.

If all of that was not enough for you to conclude that Soros should be an enemy of THE WORLD, let me further your understanding of how he is causing extreme violence to further separate this nation. Conservatives desperately need to be heard, we feel as if our voices are not loud enough. We take to social media and some take to the streets. These conservatives that protest have legitimate issues that need to be heard. I’m not necessarily referring to “Unite The Right”. I felt I had to point that out before I’m called a Nazi. Liberals will claim there are NO PAID PROTESTORS. Well, this may be a lie. Chicago Tribune recently put out an article that stated: “It’s an excellent career choice with surprisingly good benefits; and each protestor earns $1500 a week”. You see there is a group called the “Democratic Alliance”, each member has to donate at least $100,000.00 each year. They met recently to discuss their strategy. This “group” uses funds to promote disruptive and often violent demonstrations. Guess who belongs to this group and others like it? If you shouted George Soros, you would be correct. It’s a plan created by the left wingers to promote the notion that President Trump is a danger to American Democracy. Remember how hard Soros fought to get President Bush out of the White House? He is working even harder to expel President Trump.

Not all protesters are paid however, our country does house some lunatics that run around in masks that call themselves ANTIFA (like a horrid version of PJ Masks) (and yes, one of the guys in the picture to the left IS wearing a SpiderMan Mask..)or the new group “REDNECK REVOLT” that shows up with rifles. What’s an interesting fact is that there were actual protesters in Charlottesville that claimed they saw members from Black Lives Matter and Unite the Right all pour out of the same bus.  Are we to believe that a “Nazi” and a BLM protestor could put aside their differences and enjoy a bus ride together? Hardly fathomable.

The truth is, George Soros has done everything within his power to corrupt our country and others. His ideals are not to bring unity but rather to create a divide. The Left is playing right into his plan. If we fall, if we fail, if we fight a civil war, the so called Democratic Party and their financial backers (Democratic Alliance) will prevail. They are sitting on the hill top sharpening their talons like a buzzard waiting to swoop in on dead prey. We must expose George Soros for what he is, an enemy to our country, a terrorist. He will not stop until his agenda is complete. After all, George Soros said himself “I Am a God, I Created Everything, I Control America” I would encourage you to check out and read the many quotes that have come directly from Soros. If his own words don’t portray his insanity, I don’t know what else can.

There are many like Soros however, with that being said, Americans should not back down, we should never accept defeat and we should fight to uphold our Liberty, our Freedoms, and our country. At the end of the day, politicians work for the people. It’s about time we ALL start holding them to their obligations. The more we expose the truth about financial backers and their hold on our government the more educated and motivated we will be. Don’t be swayed by lies but rather go forth in truth.


No, NOT UNTIL PEOPLE LIKE GEORGE SOROS and others like him are removed from the infrastructure of our government.

* On a final note, if I wind up dead as a result of this article… I am NOT suicidal.

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