George Dillman: Psychic Karate (Kung Fail)

In today’s installment of Kung Fail, I discuss infamous psychic karate fraud (and short, pudgy, Muhammad Ali hanger-on) George Dillman.

From Wikipedia:

George Dillman is a martial arts instructor and member of Black Belt magazine’s Hall of Fame (1997) as Instructor of the Year. He refers to the art of using pressure points as Kyusho jitsu. He calls his style Ryukyu kempo karate. His art has generated a considerable amount of controversy, due in large part to Dillman’s reluctance to scientifically prove the validity of his claims. The most contentious claims have been his promotion of alleged no-touch knock-outs, kiai knock-outs, and increasing technique effectiveness based on sound and color.

He is the author of many books with Chris Thomas including Kyusho-Jitsu: The Method of Pressure Point Fighting; Advanced Pressure Point fighting of Ryukyu Kempo; Advanced Pressure Point Grappling: Tuite; and Pressure Point Karate Made Easy. He has also produced a DVD instructional series on pressure point technique. George Dillman continues to hold training camps in Deer Lake, Pennsylvania, at the former Muhammad Ali training Camp; study under 10th degree black belts from Okinawa; give training seminars all over the world; and oversee Dillman Karate International, consisting of over 150 schools worldwide.

In September 2005, National Geographic Channel’s Is It Real? program (episode 20) asked for a demonstration of his “Knockout” Chi (a no-touch knockout technique), during which Kyusho-jitsu and Small Circle JuJitsu instructor Leon Jay was unable to knock out Luigi Garlaschelli, an Italian skeptical investigator from CICAP. Dillman’s explanation of the failure was as follows:

“The skeptic was a totally non-believer. Plus — I don’t know if I should say that on film — but if the guy had his tongue in the wrong position in the mouth, that can also nullify it [Qi power]. You can nullify it — you can nullify a lot of things. In fact, you can nullify it if you raise those two big toes! If I say I’m going to knock you out, and you raise one toe, and push one toe down… I can’t knock you out. And then, if I go to try again, you reverse it. If you keep doing this, I won’t knock you out.”

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