Donald Trump Won and The Left Still Thinks Everyone is Racist

I was never confident Donald Trump would win.

I wanted him to beat Hillary Clinton, but I largely believed the polls. Even with the FBI’s investigation narrowing the gap, Trump’s path to victory looked almost impossible. But, as the night wore on, it became clear that we were looking at what might be the biggest upset in American political history.

There was a lot of talk from the Never Trump crowd about how Trump was not going to just lose the Presidency for the GOP, but also the House and Senate. Instead, Trump will enter the White House with a Republican-owned Congress.

Despite having no ground game, significantly less money, a divided party, and a media actively trying to destroy him, Trump not only won, but he lead the GOP to a full sweep.

I wonder if the Left will learn its lesson. That lesson being you can’t repeatedly call middle class Americans sexists, racists, and bigots then expect them to turn out and vote for you. That you can only mock someone’s reasonable concerns about immigration, job security, and healthcare for so long before they decide to try out the other guy, you know, the one that treats them like a person.

Somehow I doubt it. The Left is likely to forgo any introspection and continue its strategy of calling all dissenters bigots, and they will continue to pay for it.

Mr. Trump’s election accomplished a number of important things. It stopped the Constitutional crisis that would have arisen from having a President-Elect under federal investigation. It showed that a sitting President’s Department of Justice could not manipulate the system in order to crown their boss’s chosen successor. It exposed a corrupt and complicit media, and revealed that all the polls and pundits can be completely wrong.

Trump is an unknown, and I am still unsure of what kind of President he will be. I will be praying for Mr. Trump and the advisers he will undoubtedly be leaning on in the next few months.

I hope that the gravity of the office will sink in and that he will take seriously the massive amount of responsibility that the American people have placed in his hands. He defied all the odds to get here, now we will see if he can make good on his promises.

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Ian Erickson

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