Disrespecting The Flag?

The latest grand event of the Trump presidency is Donald’s rising distaste at NFL athletes kneeling during the national anthem. In one of his latest tweets, Trump tweeted out, “The issue of kneeling has nothing to do with race. It is about respect for our Country, Flag, and National Anthem. NFL must respect this!”

With all the issues facing this country, why athletes choosing to kneel during the anthem is garnering such national attention is beyond me. There is hardly any sort of substance to be gathered from the arguments produced by both sides.

The notion that an athlete kneeling at a football game is by default disrespectful towards our nation is wholly nonsensical. Soldiers defend American values overseas and lay down their lives with honor for what our country represents.

American exceptionalism has never been represented in the flag, it is demonstrated in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, our institutions, and above all, our citizens.

In kneeling as a form of protest, hardly is there any disrespect to any veteran. One is simply exercising the right to free expression that soldiers have fought valiantly to defend in countless wars. What athlete now choosing to kneel has ever vocally expressed distaste towards those in the service?

However, the question I have been waiting to have answered is “what does an athlete seek to achieve by kneeling?” When Kaepernick kneeled, his motive was clear, but with the new trend, I cannot tell if athletes are protesting some sort of racial inequity or simply the President.

Kneeling is not going to fix the black community. It is not going to magically reduce the black crime rate responsible for the leading cause of death for young adult blacks: intra-racial homicide.

It is not going to heal the black family in which over three-quarters of black children grow up in single-parent homes. It is not going to heal the failure of black youngsters in school, and their inability to have more educational opportunity through school choice.

Throughout history, protesting had a purpose. But the justification for kneeling now is beyond me. Nonetheless, there are greater issues to be concerned with, such as issues that harm human beings, not feelings.

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