ABC News had reported that school shooter, Nikolas Cruz was a “white nationalist” and a member of ROF (Republic of Florida) a white separatist paramilitary group. This is false. The falsehood, however, was not purposefully propagated by ABC news but rather by a small group of tricksters from within a private discord server. The server-members were, by and large, National Socialists with a predilection for James Mason (there were many references to his book Siege). In terms of chronological order, here is what occurred:

ABC News was contacted by three anonymous individuals over the internet who claimed they were former schoolmates of Cruz. In point of fact, they were not, two of these individuals identify themselves by their online pseudonym within the discord server; the primary architects of the scheme were two users by the name of Vex and Zeigler. It was these users who initially contacted ABC and who fallaciously stated that Cruz was a member of ROF. Vex and co. then gave ABC the ROF hotline. ABC called up ROF and were met by Jordan Jereb, ostensible leader of the group, who appears to have went along with the prank. Curious, Jereb would later state on social media that he just got confused when he was called and had mixed Cruz with another ROF member because there were – according to Jereb – a bunch of people in ROF with the first name “Nikolas.”

From conversation and username data it is clear that, though the name of the server was not revealed in the leaks, it is, in someway, connected to ROF (for instance, one of the users named The Floridian states with mirth that “ROF now has a higher kill ratio than Atomwaffen (a NS Paramilitary group).” Given that ROF is based out of Florida he was likely a member; certainly he knew people within the organization. Many within the server also appear to have been members. A user by the name of HUDDY gives a quick rundown after the scam had started to take off for those not up to speed. He writers:

Quick rundown: ABC news and NYT [New York Times] contacted Vex and Zeigler about the recent school shooting. We’re working together to give them enough disinformation to print a story about the shooter being tied to ROF. @Boot [another sever-user]

The mood in the server during these events was highly jocular and often caustic. One user going by the name of Tony interjects: “Wait until we start faking out actual Feds.”

Curiously, the chat at large seemed to have a rather low opinion of Jereb. The user Tony, remarking on how easily their disinformation was swallowed and propagated, muses upon Cruz’s police interrogation in light of the new “facts,” writing:

>tfw you shoot up a school and the police beat you to death talking about some innawoods militiaman named Jereb. 

Later, the user named, The Floridian, states that he has been visited by feds and that he told them it was just and prank and that he was also just confused. Vex begins the conversation:

Vex: Did you tell them it was just a prank?

The Floridian: I told them it was a prank and that I was also confused. Pulled my autism card.

KingManson: Lol.

Greg: tfw feds are less butthurt than TRS.

The alt-right podcast network and blog, TRS (The Right Stuff) caught wind of the affair and were apparently incensed. A server user named Will writes:

“We will be compiling a document on TRS like we did with AWD. They are threatening our members, and additionally, promote race-mixing. Its time the world knew how degenerate they are. To help out with this join the Fuck the Alt-Right Server. The goal is to siege the alt-right into making the people become actual fascists.”

Early the next morning, a user named Tony writes:

Now we can add the alt-right to the list of obscure social groups that want to kill us, along with furries.

In summary: Cruz was not a white nationalists, had no connection to ROF and the media, as per usual, are utterly incompetent. Despite the crass tenor and bizarre behavior of the discord pranksters, I, for one, can only look upon them with something approaching admiration, as they have done every American a most wonderful service: further exposing how utterly incompetent and editorially feckless the mainstream media establishment actually is ABC, NYT, the ADL and all the others who printed the story and spread it around on blogs and social media sites should really do introspection on whatever little remains of their editorial standards. Perhaps if they had some editorial rigor beforehand, they wouldn’t have been so easily hoodwinked by a raucous cabal of Siege posters.

Full leaked server pictures available in the TLC version of this article.