Did George Soros Money Help Pay for Kavanaugh Protests? Picture of money exchanging hands

Twitter is exploding with a viral tweet made up of a composition of pictures linking a leftist Kavanaugh hearing protester to a man who works for a group that George Soros gave money to.

The series of pictures shows a man exchanging money with a woman who was thrown out of the Kavanaugh hearing. It is purported that this man works for Center for Popular Democracy; a organization George Soros donated 900,000 dollars to.
In case the user gets banned (or Twitter does not allow the embed) here are the pictures:

Screen shot of his Facebook:

Read the highlighted portion:

The man in question:

Now, if that isn’t the same man as identified in the above pictures, he has a doppelgänger running around giving out money to protesters. Regardless if it is the same man, this is not some organic protest, but a ploy being funded by left-wing organizations.

The individual has been contacted and I am awaiting comment about what is occurring in the photograph. I will update the article if I receive a response or other information comes in.

It seems someone who knows Vinay Krishnan tweeted him some encouragement yesterday after a Vice reporter tweeted about the hearing’s theatrics.

UPDATE: I asked Vinay Krishnan on Twitter to comment on the photograph. It would see he blocked me and then later deleted his account.

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