Derek Rake and the Shogun Method (PUAssholes)

Did you ever imagine that somebody else would be dumb enough to come up with the idea of “fractionation”? Yeah, me neither, but apparently somebody did. Derek Rake!

This is the Shogun Method:

Derek Rake was an average loser until he went into “THE DARKNET” and found a secret community of mind control wizards that taught him the dark arts and now he’s a superstud. he’s not like those other pick up artists you see; his shit WORKS.

Derek Rake says that seduction is about how you make the woman feel, nothing about your finances or looks…and in turn you are supposed to “anchor” her to you. It made sense for a while but then it got really stupid. Then again, I could say that for any of these PUAs, couldn’t I?

“Women want to be swept off their feet, and they want sex as much as men do.” Very True. Derek goes on to say SOCIETY SAYS THEY SHOULDN’T SO THEY DON’T ACT LIKE THEY DO. Yes, because 2008 was such a reactionary, patriarchal time.

“So now that you know these inhibitions women have from society, you must overcome them with three steps.” It’s covert selling in other words. And if “convincing her you’re what she wants” sounds a lot like lying…well obviously you’re just an average frustrated chump!

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