David Riker’s Speed Seduction (PUAssholes)

David Riker, a man who is by my closest estimation a middle aged Applebee’s manager (and not the screenwriter of the same name), decided to write a book on Speed Seduction. It wasn’t great. So instead of suffering through it, watch me suffer through it instead.

Who is Dave Riker? From the looks of him, he looks like an Applebee’s manager that decided to set up a seduction related side hustle. He’s affiliated with Ross Jefferies, whoever that is. I’ll be sure to keep him in mind for another video some time down the road. Also, I imagine him talking like Frank Caliendo’s impression of John Madden. Maybe that’s just me.

And the title page! It’s geometric constructs, so you KNOW we’re in for a down to earth and common sensical take on interpersonal relationships. Because that’s what we all took away from the Mystery Method’s Borean atomic models! No, I’m not letting this go!

“A structured, linear approach to the full understanding and use of Speed Seduction, and related technologies in influence and persuasion.” It’s not a philosophy or training method, it’s a TECHNOLOGY. Every tie I do one of these PUAssholes videos I think that the autism can’t be topped, but we literally have Robby the Robot programming technologies into himself to do seduction.

So he’s basically admitting this is going to be rigidly structured garbage. If he breaks out a seduction flowchart I’m leaving.

“In this section, I want to address… Why do we need a model? Why do we need a structure like this?

I realized it’s a tremendous wealth of material, but there seemed to be so many bits and pieces of information and data that I couldn’t make sense of it. Maybe this was something that was unique to me. But I found out more and more, that there were other guys that maybe had the same challenge.

 Well, I mean, yeah, those other plans are full of meaningless obfuscation and overly-rehearsed scenarios, but this is totally different!

“When I finally worked with this information enough and figured out a way to really organize it all… like put a structure on the information and get a real understanding of where one thing built upon another and built upon another… Then I got it. I really got it.

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