**RETRACTION** Dana Jade Accuses Seth Rogen Of Sexual Harassment On Twitter, Has Account Suspended

Upon further investigation into the legitimacy of the Twitter account @DMJ10012, impersonating Dana Jade, the following thread determines that this Twitter account is an imposter: http://archive.fo/3om61#selection-1343.0-1345.8

As the account had been suspended at the time of writing the original article, it was impossible to verify its authenticity.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.






As Hollywood’s unraveling continues unabated, the latest revelation on Twitter is a thread from Dana Jade accusing Seth Rogen of sexual assault at the 2015 People’s Choice Award ceremony.

This comes after Rose McGowan publicly accused Harvey Weinstein of rape on Twitter, leading to a social media row including Batman star, Ben Affleck. Twitter limited McGowan’s account for twelve hours after an apparent Terms Of Service violation. Affleck has also come under fire from sexual assault allegations on social media, after Hillarie Burton accused Affleck of groping her, earning him the new sobriquet “Buttman”. Many actors such as Kevin Smith have attempted to disavow Weinstein in light of this scandal.


Since making these remarkable accusations, Jade’s Twitter account has been suspended.



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