Cultural Appropriation: The Video

Remember my cultural appropriation article? It’s back, in video form! My computer has been repaired, and videos will continue weekly from henceforth.

I’m not denying that white people have, at various times, taken aspects of non-white culture: of course whites have, from Orientalism and Picasso’s African influences to team names like the Washington Redskins. The point that this article will attempt to make is that non-whites have taken just as much from whites.

I will not be considering technology of any kind when considering the appropriations that POC have taken from whites-frankly, it’s inarguable that a disproportionate amount of technological innovations have come out of Europe or European offshoot countries (the United States, Canada, et al), particularly over the last 400 years or so, and to list all of them would take 5 articles.

No, this article will strictly deal with what the title refers to: culturalappropriation-innovations of art, style, and behavior of all kinds. As a note, this will not be an exhaustive list, the examples below are just a few that I thought of, mostly from the perspective of my own country the United States, fittingly as the concept of cultural appropriation, much like every other odious concept of the new left, originates here. As a result, the bulk of these allegations of cultural appropriation will deal with relations between black and white Americans, as within the US, that seems to be where the oldest and most numerous accusations arise (well, that and the eternal Old World allegations of American culture being naught but the creation of “ghetto niggers”)…

…But pro wrestling certainly isn’t the only form of white popular culture that minorities have appropriated. Indeed, hip hop goes hand in hand with all sorts of pop culture!

…Speaking of superheroes, there has recently been a push to turn traditionally white superheroes into minorities, women, homosexuals, and all the other pets of the modern left. While I feel these are largely motivated less by ideology and more by the desire for publicity, this is another clear case of appropriation of traditionally white characters.

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