Cruz in The Spotlight

ted cruz

Ted Cruz is a courageous conservative and he deserves much more respect than he’s receiving right now. He never promised to endorse Trump at the convention and I think he did what he intended to do. I believe Ted Cruz was disrespected by our great GOP delegates on the RNC floor. He delivered a fantastic speech and the Senator told the people to ”vote your conscience”.

Many people took what he said the wrong way. Throughout his speech he called Hillary Clinton out on her lies and told the audience we cannot elect her. People must use their commonsense because the only other true alternative is Donald Trump. When all is said and done, I believe Ted Cruz will vote for Trump.

Ted Cruz embodies many conservative principles and has a great vision for this country. He will be president one day. However, this election, Trump will win.

Quay Manuel is a young supporter of the GOP. You can find him on Twitter @gopquay