Could October Surprise Take Down Clinton Campaign?

The sounds of the Clinton campaign crashing and burning can be heard throughout the world.

Hilary Clinton, one whose name is symbolic of the corporate career politician, has been found
on numerous occasions to be not only being corrupt but inept at hiding that corruption.
Watching her “sniper fire” lie regarding Bosnia, to her infamous flip flopping on issues, to her
ever-present hit list, and her now well known email scandal; Mrs. Clinton cannot catch a break
from her lying.

Julian Assange, the figurehead of the whistleblower organization WikiLeaks, has
promised the public a next batch of emails; call it an October surprise (separate from the
30,000 emails he had previously leaked), which he claims will ensure Clinton’s final years
behind a jail cell. Adding onto this, James O’Keefe, an activist dedicated to bringing
transparency in our government has tweeted that he has a tape of the Clinton campaign
“demeaning and disparaging black people in the worst ways.” O’Keefe confided this tape will
be released this October as well. His work has been credited to have taken down ACORN
(Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) a formerly non-profit organization
whom has found out to have been committing voter fraud.

Now with the icing on the cake, Clinton has yet again to be found in another scandal. This
scandal, one that is separate from her emails (a scandal independents don’t seem to care
about), might be the blow to take down her campaign once and for all. Audio recording of
Clinton confessing to a rich donor that Bernie supporters are “…children of the Great
Recession. And they are living in their parents’ basement.” Clinton has finally disenfranchised
her most prominent and major support, the support of former democratic candidate Senator
Bernie Sanders. States Sanders has done really well in such as New Hampshire, will be the
reason why she falls short to Trump come election day.

The failure which is the Clinton campaign, will possibly be the biggest flop we have seen this
decade alone. The biggest hit and miss in the polls is her untrustworthiness and these new claims
will not bode well for her camp. If anyone had any qualms about her winning the presidency,
they can peacefully lay them to rest.


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