Civil War is Coming to Europe Diversity Plus Proximity Equals War

In 2015 a tide of refugees from across the Muslim world began to stampede across Europe.  The migrants, as they would soon be called, would of course replicate different aspects of the societies they came from.  Crime across the EU raised to incredible levels, from petty theft to rape to the terrible horror of constant terror attacks.  The migrants used welfare at a rate of 80%.  Almost none of these people are actually employable.  Even worse the Muslims have begun to displace the native white people.  They then democratically elect their own politicians and change policy in their favor.  All of these problems are incredibly dire, and by themselves call for urgent action by all people who don’t want to live in a new version of the Ottoman Empire.  But all of this, as terrible and as immediate as it is, isn’t the worst of what Islamic immigration has to offer Europe.

The Muslim migrants are brining, without any doubt or reservation, full-scale war to continent of Europe unseen since the Second World War.

This is a radical claim.  Europe was able to go the entire Cold War without heating up.  Democratic nations neighbored Francoist Spain with any battles.  The conflict in the Balkans was neatly contained.  How then can someone say the worst is yet to come?  Consider the following data points;

In 2015 in Paris three mosques were shut down after the police found and seized 330 “war grade weapons”

In 2016 in Nordheim-Westfalen, Germany a huge stockpile of weapons was found near a mosque.

In 2016 Sweden recorded a 170% increase in grenade attacks.

In 2017 in Xanthi, Greece police found weapons, including a pistol with a silencer, in a mosque.

In 2017 in Britain, a father and son discover 12 weapons while fishing.

Now, this all very disturbing, but is hardly indicative of a civil war.  This relatively small amount of weapons in consistent with what you would expect to find in the arsenal of organized crime groups or larger terrorist organizations.  A war motive cannot be inferred from this alone.  As usual, the worst is yet to come.

In 2010 Dutch police found 300 firearms and a rocket launcher.

In 2017 in a Paris suburb police found an anti-tank weapon, explosives, and a rifle and shotgun in a no-go zone.

In 2017 in Spain, police found an astounding 10,000 weapons including howitzers, machine guns, and grenades.

The anti-tank weapon and artillery pieces, are without a doubt, weapons of war.  The anti-tank weapon could be used against something like an armored car, but would likely destroy what’s inside, making that motive unlikely.  The artillery could be used to great effect in a terrorist attack, but precise, high density attacks are preferred by terrorists to broad shelling of a city.

What is most damning is the scope of the Spanish weapons seizure.  10000 weapons is staggering number of firearms.  It is quite literally enough to arm a not-so-small army.  The number alone rules this cache out as belonging to a crime syndicate or a terrorist.  The only other conceivable answer is that it the man who owns it is an arms dealer.  This also doesn’t make sense as an arms dealer wouldn’t warehouse weapons.  He would try to get each package sold and on the road as quickly as possible.  Furthermore, he wouldn’t put all weapons in one place.  The central location of the cache means it is intended for many people to come together, arm, and then move out as one group, as an army.

What is more alarming still is how many more weapons there are in Europe.  We can use the seizure of drugs to estimate how many more firearms there are.  For each quantity of drugs the police seize, there is vast quantity that they do not.  This is how drug sales are able to go on.  If police were able to find most or even a large minority of drugs, selling drugs wouldn’t be a profitable enterprise.  The sale of drugs requires that for each individual transaction there is a miniscule chance of being arrested.  People only are arrested because they repeat the offense many times.

If the drug model is applied to this situation then there are between hundreds and thousands of guns for each gun that the police find.  It is really that simple.  Any calculation of how many weapons of war are in Europe leads to the conclusion that there are already millions to tens of millions of weapons peppered throughout the continent.  These weapons did not grow there.  They were brought, at great expense and personal risk, to the EU for a purpose, and that purpose is the violent expansion of Islam.

Another way to estimate the number of guns in Europe is to examine the aftermath of the Nice attack and extrapolate out.  After the attack French police raided approximately 200 mosques by some reports.  They closed 3 of the mosques after finding weapons stashed in them.  We can thus speculate that 1.5% of mosques have weapons inside.  Britain alone has 1750 mosques.  This means there are approximately 26-27 mosques in Britain with weapon stashes.  There are 2300 mosques in France, with 200 to 250 being built.  This means there could be 37-38 mosques hiding guns.  Other European countries could be estimated to have similar numbers.  If 100 guns is the average per weapon hoard then there are already enough weapons to have an ongoing guerilla war across Europe.  Keep in mind that not all firearm stockpiles found have been in mosques, and the prefered weapon of jihadis is explosives.

Whichever way you look at it the future of Europe look may look grim, but it’s important to know that we are still in charge of our destiny.  The European nations may still avoid this fate by simply sending Muslims back.  That’s it.  That’s all it takes avoid war.  Please share this with people able to vote in Europe.