Chris Jackson: PUA…Okay?!

Yes, indeed, with all of the profiling of “pick up assholes” we do, eventually we’d come to one that isn’t completely terrible. Chris Jackson.

Upon actually reading the books I was kind of dismayed that…he’s actually…pretty good! By far the best PUA I’ve profiled on this show, and arguably sort of a bridge, the missing link if you will, between the old school “zebra codpieces attack pattern alpha” stuff and the new “neo-masculinity, self improvement” kind of thing.

Who is Chris Jackson? Apparently, it’s not the guy who plays *ahem* George Washington in Hamilton. As a side note, if anybody you meet tells you they’re really into Hamilton…stop being friends with that person.

Chris Jackson was a typical emasculated adult male – a product of being raised in a society where men are no longer taught how to be men, a society where in fact men are programmed to act in ways that are anything but masculine. Three very painful events, starting in adolescence and culminating in the loss of his wife-to-be, provided him with the motivation to learn how to attract and keep high-value women. Chris resolved that he would do whatever it took to accomplish this goal, and have his personal story of the ups and downs he experienced as he persisted in his efforts…. which are chronicled in not months but years. This is one of the most strongest pickup artists what I know. That last sentence is a direct quote by the way.

That explains nothing, but he’s apparently a very short man. That shouldn’t stop anyone from getting laid—if Henry Kissinger can, anyone can!

“The main thing that I want you to understand is that although I’m going to show you some really amazing stuff, you ARE going to have to get your ass out into the real world and do what I say”—I actually agree with this

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